Monday, October 31, 2016

TNEC Halloween Hunter Pace

This is probably going to come as a massive surprise, but I've never actually dressed Bobby up for Halloween before.


In my defense, he's used to costumes thrown on him just any old day of the week, so using this candy-filled holiday as an excuse for dress up has never really been a necessity.

My barn had what might be our last hunter pace of the year yesterday. Since it fell on Halloween Eve, and I've been supremely lax in my costumes since we moved back to NY, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit. This barn has embraced my crazy in the same way my PA barn did, and while over Christmas a few people brought out Santa hats for pictures, that's not up to my standards. To make sure I wasn't the only one flouncing around in full unicorn regalia, I offered to sponsor a little prize for best costume if everyone else dressed up.

unicorn bums

Best. Idea. Ever.

Everyone brought their A-game, and it was absolutely hysterical to see some of these poor horses jumping in their costumes while simultaneously spooking at our rocking Halloween decorations throughout the property.

bobby shows baby horse that ghosts aren't scary. 

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do for a costume until a couple weeks before when Hubby and I walked into a store and I immediately spotted a unicorn onesie on sale for $20. Problem solved! I went online and found Bobby a banging unicorn headband, and then got to work gathering any extra glittery and sparkly things I didn't already have on hand.

You will not be surprised that I already had several cans of pink hair spray left over from past exploits, or that it was more of a problem to sort through which boas I wanted to bring instead of trying to find one at all.

first up was spray painting his bell boots gold
and then braiding pipe cleaners into his mane
which is sprayed glittery silver, but sadly didn't show up
his tail was pink, though that didn't show up well
in pictures
gemstones on his bridle and of course his wig and horn

I added big ribbon bows on each side of his breastplate and finished by winding silver garland around it as well. My onesie had a unicorn "head" as a hood, but it was pretty boring and wouldn't stay up over my helmet making me look more like the Easter Bunny, so my fellow unicorn barn mate was nice enough to strap her horse's FUCKING GIANT horn onto my helmet.

i mean, COME ON!
her pony was hysterical bopping around with this on his head, and they won best costume.

I was paired up with Rafiki (whose rider had to ditch her amazing costume so that she could actually ride) so that we could go nice and slow throughout knowing that Bobby isn't up to full Bobby capabilities yet. We started off in the front field, and Bobby and I had a brief trot around while Rafiki jumped some jumps. Since he was feeling super forward and happy and the footing was so good, I let him do the cross rail.

He was surprisingly completely sane, and after Rafiki did a few more jumps, we headed out.

Bobby and Fiki flip flopped between leading the whole time which has become a big deal for Bobby who has become kind of a rage monster about having other horses in front of him. It was kind of big deal for the baby horse too since he doesn't generally like going faster than a slug.

jump number two that he got to do

We did one lap of canter in the pond field since the footing is flat:

It lasted all of thirty seconds, but Bobby was like, "RAWR, I AM SO STRONG FAST UNICORN POWER LET ME RUN." We finished coming through the outdoor where Bobby got to do his third and final jump, a hay bale. He trotted towards it completely calmly and I was like, "Yay, this was so fun! Love my horse!"

And then he snatched the bit and flat out bolted over it. Zero. Fucking. Control. BM was like, "lolz, that's what you get for trying to take care of him and not letting him jump for two months!" And I was all, "LOLZ, U THE WORST, BOBBY. GO JUMP THAT AGAIN LIKE A FUCKING GENTLEMAN."

And he did.

beefy unicorn

The undressing took longer than the actual dressing, and I had to roam the barn to gather up all the bits and pieces of costumes I had lent out to barn mates. Once Bobby was cooled out and had been stuffed with donuts and apple cider, I packed his feet, rubbed down and wrapped both his front legs, and then shoved Bute into his face.

"don't mind if i do"

Our team was just thirty seconds off the optimum time, so we won!

But in a bigger win, when I pulled Bobby out this morning and put him on the longe, once he was done leaping about in exuberance, he was totally sound. Thank the baby Jesus!

"worth it to get to do those three jumps."

He'll get the next few days off, and then we'll go back to our regularly scheduled walking. Happy Halloween! Time for puppies and kitties to get tortured now!


  1. Bobby. this is why we love you and put up with alllllll that other bull shit haha. bc this costume. omg. solid gold. just like those bell boots!

  2. I'm absolutely DYING... Haha. I'm now ashamed for not getting into the whole dressing up thing at our hunter pace yesterday!

  3. I miss apple cider donuts. I think that was the best thing about NY.

  4. This is so good! When I saw your picture of Bobby's wig, I thought he was going to be Starlite from Rainbow Brite! You both make excellent and majestical unicorns!

  5. I really enjoy Unicorn Bobby. Like, A LOT.

  6. Omg that 6th picture. This is so damn fun.

  7. Excellent. All of it. Just excellent.

  8. Hahahaha I love it!! I've never dressed C up for Halloween either. This isn't our year, but maybe next year?

  9. I really need to see the pony with that giant horn on his head. NEED to. But this is pretty great too. So glad to hear he's maybe deciding to be sound but I won't say it too loud just in case.

  10. There is nothing I don't love about this post! Yay for unicorns! And yay for sound Bobby!
    My pugs and I attempted to be unicorns too, but they were less than agreeable.

  11. Loving those bell-boots. Bobby is just fab.

  12. Awesome costume! Your barn sounds like a lot of fun.

  13. I LOVE the costumes! Unicorn onesie for the win. And yay for Bobby jumping!!

  14. So much love for that costume. YAY for being sound after taking part in shenanigans!

  15. Are you sure that is not some sort of mastadon tusk on your head? Because, dear lord, that sucker is huge! You guys win at costumes!

  16. So cute!!!! Love all the sparkles and rainbows and unicorns!


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