Monday, October 17, 2016

But first the good

I have ALL the updates on Bobby's soundness issues, from conspiracy theories to multiple independent consults and everything in between. I've fluctuated between full on meltdown mode (Sorry, JenJ) and "Everything is fine! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE." which honestly is pretty close to the same thing.

But I'll save that post for tomorrow because on Friday Riding Bestie journeyed up for a visit because she's a better visitor than I am (Also I'm not entirely confident my LF wheel on my car isn't just going to fall off because I make everything I touch lame in the LF. Also it might just need a new wheel bearing which is nbd. BUT STILL.), and that was a day filled with fun adventures.

Epic recap of good things which is mostly just pictures instead of a vet telling me to cut my losses and put my horse down? Sign me up!

sarah led with this cake purchased just for my horse!
this is why we're friends.

bobby thought the icing was delicious

and he got it everywhere

"moar plz."

We rushed over to the barn as soon as Sarah got here to meet my farrier so Bobby could get his magic shoes put on. More on that tomorrow. While Farrier was doing hard work, we butchered the poor baby horse's mane in an attempt to make her look grown up. Instead she just looks....well, like someone got a little overzealous with the scissors. Hair grows back, nobody panic!

When Bobby was all done and tossed back outside, we saddled up Ralph and Rafiki for a low key meandering trail ride. Of course we ended up with the two biggest slugs in the barn, but we were able to get a little bit of sort of productive work done at the trot in the ring afterwords.

someone has to love ralphie, the fat lard.

Taco Bell, a trip to the tack store to get some new bell boots, and then back home to grab the doggies for a trip to PetSmart for Halloween costume shopping!

pig dog is a triceratops! not an iguana like hubby said.

kitten is a shark
and mags was pumped to rock her superman costume

Ponies, puppies, and copious amounts of junk food made for an awesome day, but then Bobby had to go and spoil it. I got a text from the barn around 6:30 that evening saying that Bobby was laying down and not wanting to eat. I thought it might be because he was sore on his new feet, but then A added that he was stretched out flat, and when she got him up he was kicking at his stomach and pawing. For real, Bobby?!

A dosed him while I was on my way and started walking him. When I got there he was most definitely colicking. He was breathing heavily, his stomach was tucked up and clenched, he didn't want so much as a peppermint, and he was definitely feeling very sorry for himself. I opted to wait it out a bit and wait for the meds to kick in because it looked more like a gas colic than anything more serious. Also, fuck you, Bobby. Stop spending my money!

just needed late night grass

After about twenty minutes he started to come around, and an hour in he'd drank an entire bucket of water and was munching on some soft hay. We toured around outside trying to get some poop moving, and A and I had a little hysterical funny not funny laugh that I should longe him but I couldn't because his foot is fucked up HAHA U SO FUN BOBBY. I finally left around 10:30 satisfied that he was feeling completely back to normal.

Bobby's on a bute regiment this week as he adjusts to his new feet so I gave him the weekend off. Instead I did other really super exciting things.

i made salsa. it's delish.
pimped out some pumpkins
put bobby's new XL booties on to cover his
high heeled sneakers
bobby says, "but wait! you forgot to bring me in for snacks!"
and i played dress up with the kitten (who is taking her shark outfit very seriously)
while long distance watching our football team be complete fucking losers with emma.

I capped off the weekend by discovering salted caramel frosting so cupcakes are on the docket for today. Very important business, yo.


  1. I laughed my way through pretty much all of this entry (minus the colic, bad Bobby!). Sounds like an epic weekend!

  2. Ugh. BOBBY. Plz get your life on track. Mkay? Thx.

  3. The video of Maggie in her costume was the highlight of my Instagram feed this weekend. But the kitten/shark is even better!

  4. cat costumes and pony smash cakes are basically the best ever, way better than any of that other nonsense bobby keeps throwing your way. sounds like an awesome visit!!

  5. Poor JenJ - she had to deal with me when I deal with Boca's lameness too. Bobby, get your shiznit together!

  6. Your bestie is a total keeper, love that pony cake!

  7. Your bestie is a total keeper, love that pony cake!

  8. I like the sound of your weekend. (except for the colic part)

  9. Love that cake and all the hilarious costumes! I do not love colicking Bobbies... so stressful - glad he's ok :)

  10. Ugh, horses freaking us out with their health scares. You were such a good sport

  11. OMG the baby iguana costume... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Really Bobby? Colic was really necessary? I mean, yes, shark costumes are really necessary. Salsa and triceratops are really necessary. Colic? Totally not necessary. Get with the program Bobby!

  13. Cat costumes? Shark kittens?! I love it. Why have I not done this!
    Hoping Bobby is feeling better very soon!

  14. Aside from the deeply ominous threats, these things are all pretty cheery.

    Well other than the colic. And the deeply ominous threats.

    At least you make pumpkins look cool?

  15. Sounds like an uplifting and delicious weekend. I love your pet's costumes they are the best!

  16. Sometimes too much icing makes me feel a little gas colicky too, Bobby. I feel ya bro.

  17. You handle things the same way, and slightly better than I do. FUCKITALL and LOL

  18. You'd better be careful! That Sharkitten is threatening to eat your other cat!!

  19. Love all the costumes. I think Bobby needs a costume too.

  20. Mmm salted caramel frosting is so good and pretty easy. And omg that kitten just keeps getting cuter. I'm glad that even though Bobby is being dumb you were still able to have some fun this weekend!

  21. Gah so frustrating! And I am jealous of your pimped out pumpkins

  22. Did you spray paint your pumpkins? Bc that's totally what I want to do and the husband is not impressed.

    Also - lol @Sharkitten

    1. Yes! I love the way they turned out!


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