Thursday, October 20, 2016

Staying Busy

Regardless of what the actual, specific problem inside Bobby's delicate little footy is, one thing that has remained imperative in his treatment plan is that he absolutely cannot just sit.

I mean, I guess if his navicular bone just one day explodes and he can't ever walk again it would be moot. HAHAHA NO THAT HASN'T PLAYED OUT IN MY CRAZY FUCKING HEAD WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Yeah, but anyway.

oh bobby. y u so awkward?

Because of Bobby's lifelong issues with his stifles, keeping his hind end as strong as I can get it has always been the highest priority in his training. I've learned through trial and error that while he can have a light week--and sometimes even two weeks if he's super fit--he can't cope with any extended time off. His hind end falls apart at the drop of a hat, and he ends up very weak and very crippled.

Fortunately, while Vet A was dropping diagnoses at the drop of a hat, she did also clear him for walking. Since Vet A doesn't really hold a lot of sway at this point (ughhhhhh), I won't say that counts for much, but Farrier also said go forth and conquer. Just do it on hard ground.

"can't i just be retired already?"
That might seem counterproductive since more than likely the reason his foot went AWOL in the first place was from the fucking cement our ground was all summer, but our indoor footing is very deep and soft. If we're dealing with soft tissue, deep footing isn't conducive to good rehab. Also apparently it's not good for navicular either, but I don't remember Farrier's explanation for that. It involved hand motions and science, and really I think at that point I was still deep in the "What in the actual shit is wrong with my horse, you assholes?" phase.

That all means we've been relegated to the outdoor which is far more exciting anyway because there are always elaborate jump courses set up out there. Not that we can jump them, but hot damn we can walk ground poles for days!

sorry your horse isn't as good at posing as mine is.

So Bobby is staying busy. We do fifteen to twenty minutes of walk every day, providing the footing isn't under water because after four months without a drop of rain, fall is making up for it in a serious way. (Like, we're supposed to get three inches today alone.) 

This is my second time rehabbing Bobby, and my third rehab overall. While occasionally I miss doing serious work, I know how to make walk work absolutely riveting. At least for me. I don't know that Bobby really feels me on that one. 

The good news is that Bobby continues to feel strong, comfortable, and sound after getting his magic shoes on. I do a lap of trot in each direction for a soundness check, and he steps right off into a great big forward trot without any discomfort. Yesterday was his last day on Bute, but he'll be getting today and tomorrow off because of the weather so I'll have to wait until the weekend to see if he still feels sound. 

In the meantime, he's clearly feeling well enough to terrorize the afternoon barn workers. He's a big, fit horse that's used to being in consistent, heavy work, and our short walks aren't exactly taking the edge off. Apparently he's come in on hind legs and has been seen working on reining maneuvers in the paddock.

Bobby. You are the absolute worst. Just STAHP.

his bath lasted an entire day!


  1. Rehabbing fit horses is a special circle of hell. Glad you're able to stay marginally entertained with the walking ground poles though! I'm jealous of your fall colors, we haven't really gotten anything good yet. They're a majestic background for Bobby!

  2. I love what they're like when they finally feel better and show it, and the humans are like staaaaahp it!


    (Mikey literally climbing the walls of his stall post-hock surgery and bucking in the stall come to mind)

  3. There isn't a place in my brain that can process a day's worth of rain in inches. Dude. We get like 10" a year if we're not in a drought.

    So yeah you'd probably drown if you tried to ride anyways.

  4. I'm trying to figure out how to both rehab myself and my horse at the same time

  5. Catching up on your blog and just want to say I'm sorry for all the emotional roller coaster and frustration. And now also for having a horse who wants to pretend he is a kite sometimes.

  6. Damn send some rain to california.. also I'm glad that Bobby is cleared for continuing his fitness even if it is at the walk!

  7. It sounds like you are on the right track!

    Horse do not believe in logic.

  8. Since Bacon had two navicular bones in her one foot, maybe she can share one with Bobby. And then you and Bobby can do more exciting things, like jumping and galloping! And good lord that is a lot of rain.

  9. I think I've spent more time rehabbing horses than I have actually riding in the last 10 years.
    I'm glad you're able to at least do something together. I hope he continues to feel good after the bute is done and that you're well on your way to being sound again very soon.

  10. But damn does he look handsome in all that fall foliage!!


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