Monday, October 24, 2016

Bobby, NO.

I can no longer deny it. My horse has turned into a hell demon.

I guess in the grand scheme of hell demons, he could be worse, but for Bobby he has straight up lost his shit.

so perfect and rideable!

We ended up with four and a half inches of rain over the weekend, which is like, "Wow, such rain! Much flooding!" Except really the only thing that flooded was our bathroom. The ground was so dry that you'd be hard pressed to find a puddle anywhere this morning let alone standing water.

Since it was still raining Saturday morning, most of the ponies had been left in to try to preserve their paddocks, Bobby included. He was, however, turned out in the outdoor with a buddy when I got there. I went to the gate and he immediately came rodeoing over like a fucking lunatic, racing circles around poor confused Luka as I muttered obscenities to him and waited for him to stop POTENTIALLY MAIMING HIMSELF IN MY PRESENCE.

bobby, NO.

I finally managed to snag him, but the second we cleared the gate he started porpoising on the line. I yelled at him for that and he stopped right away....until about ten feet later when he just could not and had to porpoise again. He got a solid smack in the chest and yelled at again, and he was able to contain himself for the rest of the short walk into the barn.

For all his theatrics on the ground, which is really more annoying exuberance than anything as he would never dare to encroach into your personal space so help me god, he's been pretty sensible under saddle. Beat them young and beat them well, my friends. It makes for such a pleasant adult horse in the end.

We were stuck in the indoor for our ride so I did all of five minutes of walking on the packed down rail only before doing a lap each way of trot as per usual. He felt sound and I quickly stuffed him back into his sheet and threw him outdoors with his friends before quickly driving away so I didn't have to see him expend his pent up energy.

"hai, can we go do real things now?"

Sunday I met a girl for a walk only trail ride. It was cold and crazy windy, but damn it, we wanted out of the ring. The footing on the trails was basically to die for, and I felt confident wandering all around that I wasn't going to wreck my horse. I mean, I might have had moments where I wanted to rap him between the ears for occasionally just randomly leaping forward when he thought Oz was within five miles of closing on his lead, but GOOD FOOTING!

Then we wandered into one of the fields and I pointed Bobby at a six inch jump. A ground pole would have been larger and more intimidating than this thing. I figured I'd let him stroll over it because I'm a nice person, but when he picked up the trot a couple strides out I let it slide since it was so insanely tiny that there was no way he'd actually jump it.


He trotted up to it, and then launched over it knees to nose, landing in a perfectly balanced although somewhat wild canter that I halted right that fucking second, you little fucker.

bobby, NO.

Bobby just wants to jump jumps, OKAY?!

Obviously he didn't get to approach any more rises in the ground after that stunt, and I took him back to the outdoor when we were done to try to walk some of the sillies off. As if that's an actual thing. He was really quite lovely though, and he still felt sound for his two laps of trot.

love fall trail rides!

This morning I was anxious to see if his antics from the day before had exploded all of the internal structures in his foot/leg, and ended up back on the trails since the outdoor needed dragging after the rain was finished with it.

Bobby started off lovely and forward and relaxed with a big, swinging stride that showed no shortness. All was going well until we reached the paddock of the neighboring barn where the world's most obnoxious friendliest horse was waiting for us.

(also their electric clearly does not work even a little bit.)

Bobby is probably second in line for World's Friendliest Horse so he always tries to beeline over to her to say hello, but Bobby, NO. About two seconds after I snapped that picture, she took off running and bucking to the other side of the field which set off everyone else around her which made Bobby say, "BEST IDEA EVAR, BITCHES!!!!"

And then we went shooting sideways at a high rate of speed with much flailing, and I was all, "THIS IS HOW WE'RE SPENDING OUR LAST RIDE TOGETHER, BOBBY."

But Bobby was like, "WORTH IT!!!!"


And he did, and was a lovely dressage horse for the rest of the ride.

foamy proof of loveliness.
or just proof of the rabies.

Pending the results of the past two rides here once I can get him back in the ring to really assess how he feels, I think I might accelerate the schedule a bit. Obviously that doesn't mean right back to full work, but probably double the walking and a few more trot laps straight away. I know he's being a lunatic during turnout, so if he's staying sound for that than more walking isn't going to kill him. Honestly still on the table as a possible diagnosis (on our long, long list of possibilities) is nothing more exciting than bad bruising. We shall see what he can hold up to.


  1. Bobby why do you have to act like such a lunatic?

  2. The rabies! Dying of laughter... glad Bobby is feeling better, even if he is acting like a total demon!

  3. I'm sitting here at my desk having giggle fits at work. Ohhhhhhhhh Bobby 😂 glad the magical shoes are doing their job and that he's clearly feeling better!

  4. Totally giggled at the "Beat them young and beat them well"... SO TRUE.

  5. Beat them young and beat them well, my friends. It makes for such a pleasant adult horse in the end.

    I love this. Probably because I feel like this is my life at the moment, but whatevs.

  6. This post. Hysterical. Glad you're alive & horse is sound.

  7. lol sounds like Tillie and him may have been chatting not too long ago! At least he is feeling good eh? Even if it is a smidge too good?! ;)

  8. "WORTH IT!!"

    Lol omfg

    But also. That picture. Omg. KEEP GOING!!!!

  9. Beat them young and beat them well, my friends.

    Works on horses, dogs, and the occasional boyfriend. Laughed my butt off at this line.

  10. I always joke about beating my horses and dogs but srsly, you nailed it.

  11. Glad to hear Bobby's personality hasn't suffered at all during his lameness issues LOL

  12. I think I need to beat my young one more often, he is showing signs of Bobby like tendencies. I will take your advice to heart :) Glad he is staying sound right now!

  13. Oh Bobby....what a mess! He just wants to jump all the jumps again. All my limbs are crossed for this being just a bruise!

  14. Glad he is sound! Bad he is pulling many antics

  15. BAHAHAH, so much funnyness. Oh, Bobby.

  16. well... at least Bobby thinks he's sound. Fingers crossed he hasn't messed anything up! (Damn kids.)


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