Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Little things

For lack of having enough motivation content to write a full post on anything, I'll just put all the things together into one post!

Black Friday Shopping

My mom sent me my Christmas present money early so that I could spend half of it buying a matchy matchy custom coat to fit in with the barn fam before the embroidery deadline passed (and to also have a nice winter barn coat for once). The other half was set aside for Black Friday shopping. I didn't get anything exciting, but I did get two big items that I actually needed and didn't want to pay full price for.

The first was a full set of SMBs. Both the vet and BM recommended this style of boot for Bobby. They're fucking expensive though, so I was super happy to find these from Tough-1 on State Line. Comparing them to BM's Professional Choice boots, they're just as nice.

The second thing was a new pair of Noble Outfitters MUDS boots. I got my first pair of these almost three years ago after winning a giveaway from Dover. I did a review of them back then, and I'm so happy with how well they've held up and how much I like them that I replaced them with the exact same thing. I'd recommend these to anyone. My last pair is still going strong in the right boot, but the left boot finally sprung a leak on the side of the foot area. With winter here (aka lots and lots of snow, then rain, and then melting snow....aka so much mud), it was pretty imperative to have dry boots when you work off most of your board doing barn chores! As a bonus, they also came with a free pair of purple socks. Win-win!

i love them so much i'm having a hard time throwing them away. 


Speaking of barn chores, I was pulling the sheet off of the first horse I turn out this morning when he tried to kill me. I was reaching around to his front from his shoulder to unbuckle his chest straps when out of nowhere he spooked violently, swinging his head up and bashing me full on in the face and then leaping sideways into me and slamming me so hard into the stall wall that he knocked the wind out of me. I managed to stumble out and slide his door shut before doubling over and dropping to the ground to try to catch my breath and clear my vision.

I was so angry. I wasn't angry at the horse. He's a sweetheart, and he's just a dumb animal that probably took offense to a dust particle or something. I was angry that my fucking brain is still such a mess after nearly eleven months of getting hurt that literally anything rattles it to the point where I can't fucking see. Come on, brain. Just be healed already! Vision is kind of essential to my daily life.

After getting an appropriate amount of snuggles from barn cat Arthur who came running in from outside where he was stalking things and having to giggle at the Halfie pony who was eyeing me with great concern from the stall next to the big dummy, I got up, took a handful of Tylenol, and got back to work without further incident. Arthur followed me to and from every single paddock like he was making sure I didn't get into any more trouble, and I rewarded him by pretending to be very impressed with his collection of mice heads he's hoarding. (Ugh, barn cats.) My head feels fine now, but I've got a massive bruise on my upper arm from being crushed against the wall.

arthur says he's always available for snuggle assistance.

Tres Amigos

I'm on three-a-days at the moment. First up to bat is Shooter.

one day i'll get better pictures of him

Mr Fatty Fats is actually doing really well these past few rides! He's starting to relax, and with the relaxation everything else is coming on so much easier. Instead of curling, his go-to is stretching down and out. He's using his back better, and he's starting to keep track of his wayward hind end as we work on shoulder-in and leg yield. He hasn't even spooked a single time all week. (Yet.)

Second in line is old Bobby Magee. I keep meaning to dig out his hackamore because he likes it and I like to play with it during the winter, but I don't remember until I'm already on him. I brought both my bridles home to clean tonight so when I inevitably forget them here tomorrow, it will be the perfect time to force myself to switch over. Other than that he's not really doing anything too exciting. W/T/C, a little lateral work, maybe pop over a couple jumps.

And finally:


Oh, you want more?

Even he knows he's drop dead gorgeous:

he's obsessed with himself.

BM and I went to Finger Lakes a week and a half ago. She was looking for something sporty but sane that could eventually be transitioned to another advanced lesson horse. I'd sent her this dude's listing (among many others because OTTB shopping is my fave thing ever), and it was pure coincidence fate that his trainer called her right as we were checking in at the gate so we swung in to see him first. He was my favorite by far before we even saw anything in person, and once his trainer led him out and told us all about him, I was like, "Sold!" Only obviously I wasn't the one with the cash, so we did force ourselves to look at quite a few others--aided by trainers literally dragging horses in front of us trying to get rid of them--but it wasn't hard to get BM on my side and convince her he was the one.

Now called Pongo, this dude oozes class and came from very, very nice connections who took excellent care of him. They've even already come to visit him armed with handfuls of Gastro Guard to ease his way.

We started with BM him on, ponying him off of Bobby. BM got on him solo for the first time over the weekend, and for now I've taken over the ride. I don't do a lot of things well, but riding fresh off the track Thoroughbreds just so happens to be my specialty. He's a dream to ride--sharp off the leg, but equally sharp off the seat. He puts himself on the bit nicely, and doesn't pull on you at all once he gets moving. He does the typical squirrelly OTTB stuff--gets tense, sometimes jigs sideways at the walk after cantering, isn't too sure about ground poles without someone leading him, and he nearly face planted attempting our first right lead canter today, but he's got a great brain. For being two weeks out from his last race, he follows you around like a puppy and would basically do anything for a peppermint.

I'll try to get video Friday if Riding Bestie Sarah is able to make it up!


  1. Um well next time I'm in the OTTB market, I'll just call you. My taste is obviously somewhat... questionable?

  2. Dude pongo is gorgeous. I love him.

  3. Hahaha I loooove that mirror shot! Ego, much?

  4. Arthur is kinda my hero - and ppl say cats are evil! So glad your brain didn't take longer term offense to the blow! And Bail Bondsman. You already know how I feel about that one!! What a fucking dream boat, I'm so glad he's proving fun to ride!!!

  5. Pongo is so stunning, I need one like him!

  6. Laughing about Arthur's mouse head collection, and Pongo is beautiful!!!

  7. Pongo, gorgeous!! Next time I go horse shopping I'm hiring you as my agent!

  8. That's a good looking dude. The new guy isn't bad, either ;0)

  9. Awwww love the new ponys name obvi...glad you're ok from getting smashed up! Yikes!

  10. Can you send me a horse to ride? :)

  11. Holy Moses. Now that's a creature! Hubba hubba.
    I do know the feeling of leaky rubbers, much sadness! Smbs are pricey! My sister's horse goes through them like candy, he is naughty, she gets them on eBay.

  12. Horses and your head are not a good mix, ouch! I hope you feel better and they learn to tolerate dust particles better. As far as drool. I'm so jealous you get to ride him and hope you post more about him!

  13. SMBS are SO fucking expensive.

    Also, Pongo is gorgeousssss

  14. Pongo is so dam gorgeous!!!! Also i love SMB boots. Gotta get the $$$ for them though lol

  15. Ugh, so sorry you got smooshed! Glad you didn't have any repercussions from that!
    New guy is a looker! I hope you get some video of him!

  16. omg the new guy. Sooo pretty, I need 20.


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