Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WW: That time Bobby was adopted by deer

i saw a group of deer while trail riding monday

i didn't think i was going to be able to get too close

but figured we'd try to get as close as they'd let us

they could have cared less it turns out

bobby kept trying to graze with them

but i was like, bobby! get your head up and pose!

finally they either got annoyed or weirded out by
my giggling and started wandering off

except this big doe who really didn't want to leave her snacks

the slowest exit ever

bye deer!


  1. I think getting close to deer is one of the best perks of trail riding. I got within 15 feet of a couple not too long ago. Closest I've ever been. Could never do that on foot.

  2. Lol those deer can recognize one of their own ;)

  3. That is so insanely cool! Every time I have seen deer on the trail they immediately take off (usually leading to spooking horses because apparently a large creature crashing through the woods is terrifying?? haha). You and Bobby are the deer whisperers!

  4. Throw some antlers on Bobby and turn him out so he can be part of the herd!

  5. I'm just impressed that Bobby is chill with the deer.

  6. Omg ahaha. I like JenJ's suggestion. Bobby needs some proper antlers.


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