Saturday, June 4, 2011


I decided to stay out of the arena with Red until the farrier comes out Tuesday, but he still needs to keep up with his work, so I took him out to the gallop path across the road. We did a lap in each direction at the trot, then two each direction at the canter, finishing each lap with a gallop. I'll have to ask BO how many acres the field it goes around is so that I can see how long we're going. Regardless, he's going to be one fit mamba jahamba by next Sunday--probably more fit than any other BN horse. But that's how we roll.

The first lap around at the walk, Red spooked at a squirrel going through the hedgerow and nearly had me off. If he hadn't stopped mid-spin, I would have tumbled right over his shoulder. I lost my left stirrup and landed right on his neck. We didn't have any other mishaps after, though. In fact, we got compliments from the peanut gallery. Stacey, a woman that was out trotting her semi-retired show jumper, was done just as we were finishing off our last gallop. She said he looked incredible and you could tell how much he liked to work. Then, when I was giving him his fungus bath, CL's friend came over and said how smooth he goes and how I wasn't moving on him at all (Well, CL's friend, that's just called good riding, and lots of practice on nutty Thoroughbreds.).

Bobby did have a lesson today at 10am, aaaaaand...........wait for it..................I got paid for it!! Fucking finally. We agreed on $10 a ride and she'll pay me at the end of every month. She handed me a $50 bill today. Uh, hell yeah. $50 more to get to Plantation. Screw the four bills that are not getting paid this week, and the lack of groceries in the fridge. Hubby works from 5am-9pm, so he doesn't get to bitch about not getting fed, and he knows some things get sacrificed for ponies. Ok. Alot of things.

Bobby was a rockstar for his lesson, as per usual. He walked around with CL's daughter having no stirrups or reins, and she was on the lunge line for awhile (About time. She really needs it.).

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