Friday, June 3, 2011

The weather cooled off, so I stopped riding.

Doesn't that make perfect sense? If it's under 85 or not raining, it must not be fun to ride in! It's been high sixties/low seventies the past two days with clear skies and a good breeze. Yesterday, I had a good excuse. It was my birthday and my dad (who lives in CA) and brother (who lives in IL) were out to visit and they're not particularly horse saavy. We went out to the barn first so I could redo Red's foot and turn them out, then we went out to eat and visited Reptiland. It was surprising not as corny as I thought it would be, but that might have been because I didn't have to pay the $14/person admission. The great thing about divorced parents? They try to out-buy you.

We went fishing after that out by my house, but even though you could SEE the fish and drop the worms directly in front of them, they weren't interested. My brother pulled in a shirt with two crawdads in it, and that was the only catch of the day. Hubby was able to get off early and go out to dinner with us, then we snuck into their hotel to go swimming. All in all, a pretty fun day.

Red's new dressage pad!

Showing off my buffness with my new medical armband!
This morning was a total insanity run. I felt like I was sooo hungover, which would have been a good excuse if I ever drank. I went out first thing and bought grain and Microtek for Red's latest effort in trying to get out of Plantation--fungus up his neck, chest, and down both front legs.

I came home quick and made up the bags, then headed out to the barn. I didn't pull in until almost 11, and the ponies.were. pissed. They both dragged me out to the pasture and took off bucking and squealing. Sorry, boys. Maybe if the BO could just chuck you out himself when he's there cleaning stalls, it wouldn't be such a big deal! Grr. I brought Red back in after bringing in the grain and various other shit I had with me, and scrubbed him down.

He only tolerated standing in the crossties for so long while he "soaked" because I was sneaking him some of Bobby's alfalfa cubes. This was my first time using Microtek, and I hope it works as well as it says because that's stuff ain't cheap! I also poured waaaay too much in my bucket, then forgot how easily it came out and poured too much on my sponge. Oh, well. Hopefully I remember tomorrow.

I painted his feet with hoof dressing and just swiped some turpentine on the crack since I'm going through vet wrap like crazy and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Bill the Farrier is coming out first thing Tuesday morning, and if he can't get it straightened out right quick, I switching farriers. Red has never, ever had a single issue with his feet and now he's squaring off his toes when he gets worked and interfering behind. Sounds like lousy trimming to me.

I brought Bobby in for a good groom since he was looking a little rough. His coat is really dry and he's got a teeeeeny bit of the same thing as Red where his saddle sits. I brought home my brushes and soaked them with Dawn and bleach for a few hours so that I can start clean with Bobby and seperate my brushes. If I had a few more, I'd do that to start with. I'll bathe him with the shampoo tomorrow, too, but today he got off easy.

I think Bobby's getting used for a lesson tomorrow, but God forbid CL tells me. I'm nervous about riding Red, but I know he needs to get schooled. Maybe I'll just do some walking around the field with him.

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