Monday, June 6, 2011

Road Ready

Sunday, Hubby and I stopped by the barn to turn the ponies out and give Red another quick Microtek bath to try to clear his funkiness up. His neck still looks about the same, but his legs are starting to clean up. We finally bought the wheel bearing that needed to be replaced with the money from CL, and Hubby got the wheel put back on. We spent all Sunday afternoon getting the trailer back in shape. It now has a new tire to replace the one that was wearing down, greased bearings, a new spare, all the electric works, and we ghetto rigged a pad over the back of the door so no more pony butt rubs....using left over linoleum from the kitchen. Ok, so we're poor and we act like rednecks. I actually happen to be a rather respectable person regardless. Just don't look inside my trailer.

Today, I had a decent ride on Bobby again. He was being kind of a princess about the flies by kicking his belly a bunch of times, but I finally got him focused and moving out. I went over the trot poles a few times and he was super, super good at those, then trotted over the baby crossrail twice in each direction. He was kind of sticky picking up his right lead after landing in that direction, so I decided to work on the canter for awhile.

We only went to the right since it was hot and buggy, but it was a good school. He started off doing his retarded head tilt and trying to figure out being on the right lead both in the front and behind consistently, but I worked on the tug-shove with my reins and legs and after a few laps, he was moving along alot more rhythmically and we were even getting a teeny bit of bend! Saturday, CL's trainer said that he looked like he was stretching out alot more and his topline was definitely getting stronger. It's nice to hear that I can sometimes do things right every now and then.

Red got the day off. He's going to get a monster jump school tomorrow when the farrier fixes his foot. Note I said WHEN, not IF. His foot WILL be fixed!!! (knock on wood.)

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