Saturday, June 18, 2011

2'7" Rrrrroberto!

The pones have had the past two days off due to me having a horrendous head cold, and I still don't feel great, but since we're going to a hunter pace tomorrow I figured I'd better suck it up and get on. Red just got thrown out to the pasture since Hubby is going to ride him western and he's not going to be doing any jumping. Bobby (who's starting to look quite fabulous body condition-wise) got tortured instead.

We did our usual w/t with bending and leg yield practice, then we really put in some work at the canter. He's definitely better to the right which I already knew, but even going to the left he's starting to get a little more balanced and carry himself better. His canter to the right was actually really, really good for a green bean and I was really happy with it. He's still bends his head and neck to the outside going to the left, but he was bending in the right direction and starting to flex a teeny tiny bit by the end. I felt like dog shit. I hate being sick and riding.

I took him over the barrels to the liverpool twice and he jumped the line perfectly (and by this I mean straightly) both times. We did the solid wall twice which he also jumped perfectly again, and moved on to the tricky 2'7 fence. He rushed up to it the first time and jumped flat, knocking the rail down with his knees. I held him back the second time around until one stride before, let him canter that, then gave him a pop on the shoulder right as he took off. He cleared it BEE-U-TEE-FULLY! No over-exagerrated launching me out of the saddle, no clipping or rubbing the rail, nada. A perfect jump! I ended it there with lots and lots of pats and feeling really good about tomorrow.

"i'm such a smart pony!"

looking good!

he looks better in person. he looks kind of naggish here.

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