Saturday, June 23, 2012

And another.

After tracking down former racehorses Unbridled Danger and Gold and Blue Box with success, I decided to try another old name.

Els was a three year old when he was with the trainer I was working for and he was an absolutely miserable racehorse. He was, in fact, pretty miserable in general. He got put up for sale and while we were all trying to find him an new owner so he could free up a stall, he got put in my charge to become a pony horse. "Heck yes!" I thought. Nothing like hacking around the big fields of Saratoga with a Thoroughbred.


The first day, I took him out when my roomie got done working so she could get on our pony and take us for our first spin. Els proceeded to lose his cool as soon as we were out of the shedrow and run into a car. This, in turn, caused our not totally sound of mind pony Bob to also loose his cool and go bucking down the road.

bob: worst pony ever? quite possibly.
Day two of pony training: The foreman shot dear Els up with a little Ace, we waited half an hour for him to get nice and loopy, and we tried again. Day two also happened to be the first day of a huge show at Saratoga, full of ponies and children with bows meandering peacefully down our roads to get to the arenas. Els reaction to a truly adorable medium pony with equally adorable tiny rider? "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! THOROUGHBRED EATING MONSTER!!!!!!"

"Watch out," I remember calling cheerfully to the kid as her eyes bugged out of her head as my wonderful charge reared repeatedly. "He doesn't seem to like ponies!" Small child and pony glued themselves to the rail as we hopped and bucked our way by after a thorough lashing to get the dumb horse moving again.

On day three, I got my friend and fellow rider Flaco to take him for a spin on the track so my shredded fingers (who needs gloves??) had a chance to recover. The day after that, the assistant trainer had someone come out to look at him. The woman ended up buying him for one of her clients in Florida and away he went. Good riddance.

A few years later, I bought a big chestnut named Storm the Gate for a winter project horse. He ended up becoming Hubby's trail horse since he and I didn't click, and I sold him about two years after we got him, but I was interested to see that his half brother was none other than the beastly Els.

storm and hubby heading out for a ride.

hubby under the english influence.

Not too long ago, I went back to look at Els's pedigree and found a name which I then stuck into facebook (yeahh, creepin'!) and got in touch with Els's mom in Florida. He is surprisingly a kick ass jumper and sometimes eventer now, and she's adores him. Glad someone does...

One more down, dozens to go!


  1. Els looks great! Glad he found the right person, lol.

  2. I love reading these stories about the horses you worked with :-)
    I breifly worked at a race track here in ND and absolutely fell in love with a horse that was stalled next to the trainer I was working for. I always wondered what happend to her.


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