Friday, June 22, 2012

Dang it.

It was so hot out yesterday, I decided to give Mr Magee the day off. Today, it was still hot and muggy. I went to the barn anyway, and when I got back we had a brief thunderstorm so now it's breezy and cool out. Of course.

I broke up pieces of Training 1 and 2 to warm us up, then decided to run through Training 1 once more before our first go at 2 and ending with a brief hack. Bobby was still down with stretchy trotting like a boss at the walk and trot as we warmed up. Once we did the first canter, Bobby was like, "We are cantering....ALL THE TIME!!" Which means he wouldn't even trot like a normal horse, let alone stretch again. So I tried to do some damage control and just focus on getting him to trot semi-relaxed. Well, that semi-worked and I changed my plan and started running through the second test so we could end our heading-for-disaster ride.

That didn't work out too well either. I had skipped breakfast and I have low blood sugar--something that really likes to rear its ugly head when I get hot and I'm working hard with no food to keep me going. I started picking a fight with Bobby and we were both getting super aggrivated with each other. I finally just felt like I was either going to puke or pass out so I got off to sit on the mounting block for ten minutes.

I was still feeling kind of shaky when I got back on, but I really wanted to end on a good note. I picked up the trot again and he was going at a nice rhythm--not great, but not ready stupidly tense either. I asked him to stretch and after a little resistance, he gave it to me. Again, not as good as he's done the past couple of times, but it was there. I ended it with that and got off to cool both of us out.

It's disappointing to think that if I'd gone this afternoon instead of this morning, we'd probably have had a better ride. Of course, we'd probably also have had a better ride if I'd made sure to eat before getting on. Next time.

lion at the gate: one of bobby's two half brothers, both of whom
i got to work with at the track. 

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  1. awww not good to hear about your blood sugar, im like that and know i struggle riding when i dont eat! hope your okay :)

    glad that you ended on a good note :) <3


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