Sunday, June 17, 2012


As promised, jumping pictures.

I started Bobby out with the tires and gate.

Then we did the diagnol line of the pipe (2') to the cones (2'6). Next we hit the coop (2'7) a few times.

hey, lower leg. don't you want to jump with us?
Finally, for warm up, over the 2'6 vertical a few times.

we look kind of cute and normal.
not so cute or normal, but at least my leg is along for the ride.
For the coup-de-gras, I had Hubby hike up the vertical to 3'. Here we began to run into trouble.

Bobby has always had the tendency to chip in a stride or take the shortest spot possible. He's gotten worse as we've come along and he buries himself into the base of the fence. He will not listen to me when I ask him to take off from a different spot. No amount of digging my spurs in will do the trick. A whip might if I could carry a whip with him, but I can't.

It's made worse by the fact that I have a really hard time judging his pace. From where I sit, it seems like he's covering a lot of ground and he's going quite forward. Watching video, he's plodding along. When we do work up enough steam to genuinely be considered "forward", I feel like I'm gunning him too fast...and then bring him back. Just more homework, I guess.

Other things of note: I'm going to drop my stirrups a hole to see if that helps me keep my leg under me more consistently. The shorter length did work well when Bobby launched us over from awkward positions and I got jumped waay out of the tack time after time. I landed squarely in my irons and my ankles took the hit instead of Mr Magee's back.

I got my Jimmy Wofford book the other day (such a lame subsitute for the missed clinic). Next weekend, grids will be going up and we'll begin progressing through the exercises. I should have put a ground pole up today, but hind sight is what it is yadda yadda. Yet another ride where I think of simple things I should have done after I'm off my horse.

bobby loves to lug right.

Overall though, I have to step back and look at things from all angles. Was it the most productive jump school ever? No. But Bobby never once thought about stopping or running out. He never once gave me attitude or tried to start a fight. He did what I asked to the best of his still-learning abilities. It was his first time ever jumping 3' and he cantered right up to it. I'll work on getting him to see his distances better, and I'll work on getting myself to find a better, more forward rhythm--that actually is forward. Baby Horsie lives to ride another day.


  1. TBS need a surprising amount of go power. At first I thought it was my horse running at the fence, but in the end he was always more balanced. From what youre saying though, he just isn;t going? Are you sitting deep or riding a two point? Maybe training him over wide, low oxers will help him get the distance better. Verticals are tricky in general!

  2. I have the pace problem too (back in the day when I jumped sizeable fences). Crispin had a huge stride, so I know how it feels to *think* you're being run away with!
    Nevertheless, Bobby looks fantastic over those jumps. Love his cute little tucked knees!

  3. First off - my only jumping experience is many years of watching my daughter and listening to her instructors. So take what I say with a grain of salt!

    Recently was at a lesson with daughter where she was riding a client's horse (she is a working student)- and the mare always veered toward one side of the jump (like you said Bobby loves to lug right). Instructors advice was to look and direct to the other side to get straight. Seems simple but it worked for that horse.

  4. I think the ground poles will help tremendously. Perhaps even setting some canter poles before and after will help him find some balance. I agree the long and low oxers will help a lot too... *A Jimmy Wofford favorite!

  5. Agree with canter poles before and after fence, and usually crashing a fence gets them to back off, not that you would want to crash one on purpose.

  6. You guys look great over those jumps :)!! Awesome pictures.
    On some horses it feels like they are moving faster when they are really not going fast at all. Going slower actually makes your horse chip in an extra stride so getting Bobby really cantering faster might help with the jumping. Just a thought.

  7. How fun, I miss jumping so bad! I think the above advice of low wide oxers and more speed from Bobby could help for sure! That 2nd to last pic, he is super close to that jump but what an honest leaper he is!! :)


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