Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video and Lesson.

 Here's a video of the jump course I made up on Sunday, just so you guys can get an idea of lack of forward:

I felt like I was going along at a good pace--a really good pace actually--but I wasn't. I decided to take Bobby back around to the 3' vertical with "more" speed...and he slaughtered it. One of maybe three times he even knocked the pole down the whole time, despite how close he kept getting in. And as an aside, I'm soo not worried about leads right now. The beauty of not being a hunter rider. ;-)
Mixed reviews on this morning's lesson. Summer horse camp is going on at the barn Mondays through Fridays every week until the end of August, so BO was only able to squeeze me in an hour before camp started. Campers got to watch the first half of my lesson before one of the councelors whisked them away to go take "breed and color quizzes". Fortunately, Bobby loffs attention and he was happy to stick his head into the bleachers for the kids to give him pats and kisses.
We started off with BO giving me some quick pointers she'd like to see while breaking down the pieces of the tests we'll be doing in two weeks (Training 1 and 2). Ride the half circle like a full circle instead of a half-assed arc (my words, not hers), make sure Bobby is really cruising along at a real trot instead of dragging his feet, and make sure my effing shoulders stay back out of my personal space. We ran through the first half of the test (up to the free walk) a few times, ignoring the stretchy trot circle, just to get a feel of the movements. This was a good thing since I haven't actually pulled the test from the bottom of my locker since I printed it off a month ago. Whoops. Bobby wanted nothing to do with picking up the left lead, and when I brought him back to the trot, he immediately got tense and flustered and sucked waaay back and didn't want to do anything but canter in place...on the right lead. We got that sorted out eventually and moved on to the stretch. Bobby was a pro at the walk. All I had to do was lengthen my reins and give the tiniest squeeze and he dropped his nose to the ground. Tah dah! Stretching is so easy! Time to make the magic happen at the trot. Four words: Fuck you, stretchy trot. Even BO was getting frustrated. Bobby was just not feeling it. Like, not even putting forth an effort. Back down to the walk? Viola! Perfect stretch. Trot? Nope. Not listening.... So BO decided to see what we could get at the canter. Well, what we got was a whole new issue to work on. Yay! When I lengthened the reins or gave away any sort of contact, Bobby sped up. (Sure, there's the go button.) BO tacked on more homework: alternate between giving away the inside rein and the outside rein at the canter until Bobby can hold his pace when I drop contact. A good exercise, one I'll definitely be working on, but still no stretching. In the end, we didn't really resolve anything. She gave me a few things to work on, but basically told me to schedule another lesson before the show. Pretty sure that's not going to happen as I'm broke as a joke, so back to muddling things out on my own. Very frustrating. The problem is, I'm not really a patient person. When I think of something I want to do, I want to do it now. I want everything fixed at once. Bobby needs to be more forward jumping? We need to set up poles and grids? I need to measure out 350 meters so I can figure out pace? I need to work on that blasted stretchy trot? Jump across the diagnol? Trail ride? Dressage ride? More jumping?

It's a crazy person disease, and I am deeply afflicted.


  1. Guilty also, of trying to fix everything (and the list is long for me!) at once. I do believe this sport attracts Type A personalities.

  2. The never ending homework of horses...


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