Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ride Times.

Dressage: 10:54

Stadium: 1:40

Xcountry: 1:50

I don't mind riding a little later since it means I get to sleep in more. Sleeeep, I love you. Of course we'll be getting up earlier than we need to since new barn means new directions to get down to Unionville, but hopefully we won't get too lost and have to call upon OnStar--the most useless direction finder ever.

"don't worry. i'll be on the lookout for wildlife
since you're too busy playing with the camera."
The ring was getting watered when I was done tacking up so I decided to go for a hack first and come back to school a little dressage when we were done. Once more, we were accosted by stupid turkeys as soon as we hit the first field. They went fluttering up around Bobby's big, dumb head but he just kept strolling along.

We did a few short canters and lots of walking instead of trotting because Bobby thought his trot should consist of bouncing my around in the most jarring way possible. Um, no thank you. On our way back, I happened to be looking down (I was making sure we didn't step on any branches in the tall grass, I wasn't just randomly staring at the ground--for once.) and saw a fawn curled up in the grass! Awwwwww.

must. resist. snuggling.
I finished off our ride with ten minutes of no stirrup work in the indoor. It's amazing how much better his downward transistions are when I'm actually sitting in the saddle instead of bracing against my stirrups. Hmm. Also, I am so crooked in the canter. How I didn't just slide right off the side, I don't know. Must. Force. Self. To. Pull. Stirrups.

Then I spent another hour at the barn doctoring the princess. He's going on a record one whole day with both bell boots on so amazingly I didn't have to do anything to his feet, but he has rain rot all over his hanuches and he came in with two new scrapes, one of which is huge and both of which are mysterious. He had his sheet on for turnout last night since it was raining and I didn't want his bum to get wet and there's not a mark on that. But somehow.....

He got a bath and a long soak with Microtek, then Blue Kote spritzed on various tiny cuts, Swat slathered over the big scrape, and MTG rubbed into his hindquarters. Anything else you'd like to do to yourself, Robert?


  1. YAY No Stirrups and Boo to scraping!

  2. Ugh. Now I have to ride without stirrups tomorrow. Ick ick ick!

  3. Isn't it amazing how they can hurt themselves so mysteriously? It's like a special power all horses possess.
    That fawn is too cute.


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