Friday, June 29, 2012

Dressage break.

The hounds came with me to get their dog food this afternoon. They went from hanging out in the air conditioned house while I was at the barn to riding in the air conditioned car on the way to the air conditioned Tractor Supply where they got to come in. They still looked hot and sad though so I took them down to the river for a quick swim on the way home. Bad idea. Now the whole house smells like rotten fish.

stinky puppies.
Yesterday Bobby was a little foot sore so I kept our ride short. He understandably wasn't eager to go forward, but he did give me some nice bending work. I only rode him for twenty minutes and while it was uninspiring, it was at least solid. I started a week-long venice turpentine routine for him to help harden up his soles and he got a gram of bute with dinner.

camera in one hand, water bottle in the other,
pony face cools himself out over poles.

Today, BO volunteered me to take a former border who's started lessoning again up to the xcountry field. While I know I should be working non-stop on dressage for Sunday's show, I think Bobby and I both needed a break from trotting around in circles.

The woman (we'll call her J) owns an OTTB she bought from BO several years ago who is super fancy. J is one of those people who you really want to hate because she has a fancy horse, fancy new trailer, and fancy new truck bought with money from her fancy job, topped off by the fact that she's skinny and pretty, but you just can't hate her because she's so nice! Why can't we all be like that?

J had done some xcountry schooling, but she's not an eventer and eventually wants to foxhunt her too adorable horse. She told BO that she was interested in going up to the field for something fun to do, bringing us to this morning. It was already 90 effing degrees by 9:30, but it was super breezy making it at least semi-bearable.

We started off with one of the banks, going down at the walk and trot and up at the trot and canter. She worked on one of the smaller fences while Bobby and I put our brave faces on and cantered up and downhill over one of the bigger jumps. The elevator bit is definitely working well for us. He's landing with his front end under him instead of careening out in front of him down the hill. We worked for about forty minutes over all the jumps, making up combinations and mini courses as we went.

Bobby didn't put a foot wrong (aside from being obstinate about changing leads), but by the end of the ride, doing the last few fences, my legs were starting to get tired again. I don't have any issues in the arena, but two point work out in the big hilly field is definitely going on my training schedule. Cantering up and down hills is a lot harder work than cantering in a flat arena.

Bobby was lathered with sweat by the time we got done, but he wasn't breathing hard and once I started hosing him off, he cooled right down. For what we're doing, he's plenty fit. My fat ass on the other hand....

I didn't get any pictures because I feel awkward asking people to take them. "Hey, I just met you. Here's my camera, call me...." Wait, wait, wait. Wrong direction. All you get is a picture of Bobby cooling off in front of the fan while I tended to his toes and legs.

Final day of dressage tomorrow if I can get out of going to a wedding (fingers crossed--I hate weddings), then bath time and braiding Sunday morning for our late morning/early afternoon ride times. Yay for sleeping in on show day! Yay for shows half an hour from the barn!


  1. yay for a show weekend! Hope we both do awesome and our boys behave Sunday! :)

    1. Hopefully they channel their inner awesomeness and not their inner racehorse!!

  2. What happy doggies!!! You're such a good mom. :)

    1. They may be happy, but no one likes the smell of rotting fish and wet dog when you're trying to eat dinner, lol!

  3. We have one of those ladies at the barn, love her but... yeah... fancy. Oh well. Sometimes I get to help shop, and that's fun.


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