Saturday, June 16, 2012


Does anyone want a brand new pair of clipper blades for their trimmer? They're Dura Edge size 30 (0.5mm). It says on the package they work with Oster, Andis, Laube, and Wahl clippers. One of the women at the barn works for and she brought a bunch to the barn. I didn't need them, but I figured someone might. Let me know and I'll send them off to you.

robert the summer before he went to be a racehorse.
In pony news, Bobby got outfitted in the elevator bit to see how he took to it doing hills. I dug up an old snaffle bridle only to find that it was too big for Bobby's head (!!) with that particular bit. So I ghetto rigged it to fit my Micklem until I get a new bridle. He doesn't need it for jumping in the arena and we can get by on trails without it until then. Sarah and Blackberry accompanied us for a half hour jaunt and we turned it into "Make Bobby a Racehorse....Again."

breezing at saratoga.
I wanted to see if Mr Magee remembered the word "Go!" and I asked him to gallop--a legit gallop, not a Bobby lope--up the big hill. It took urging all the way, but he put his head down and went for it. And, of course, came right back to the walk without so much as a deep breath or a rude yank on the reins. Such an easy-going dude when he's not copping attitude. We trotted down one of the gallop paths, then turned around early to go up the other one because Sarah wanted to work Blackberry in the arena some before she put him away.

Bobby and Blackberry were eyeing each other as we turned them around. Blackberry was not pleased he got beat by Slow Poke Magee up the hill and he wanted revenge. Bobby was immensely proud of himself for going fast and he wanted to run again. Blackberry started jigging in place, Bobby took a hop forward, and Blackberry bolted up the path. Bobby very respectfully waited for me to ask him to go, though he was dancing in place. We didn't close much of a gap on the Fat Fast Boy, but again--he actually galloped out.

"i am a racehorse!"
He cantered calmly down the big hill and without his running martingale and with the elevator bit, his head was up and I wasn't worried we were going to go tumbling down. We headed up to the outdoor to "cool out", but got tempted and popped over the tire jump and the coop twice a piece before calling it quits. Bobby was a superstar over both. I promise there will be jumping pictures tomorrow!


  1. Love it! mbenedette at gmail

  2. I am literally so jealous you have pictures of him at the track.

    1. He was a college baby so I have pictures of him from day one all the way through his "illustrious" career.

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    1. I am becoming a little bit of a junkie.


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