Monday, June 4, 2012

Bobby +10, Carly -5,000

Alrighty, once again I have a few days of catching up to do. On Friday I had a million and a half things to do so I ran to the barn really quickly first thing and dropped off a check for the farrier with BO's promise she would get the scoop for me. New farrier was down with adding me to his client list (thankfully--farriers are such divas) and opted to put a new shoe on the LF with acrylic to cement it on there until he's due to get done. He said he didn't want to mess around with clips yet because he wanted to do a whole lot of work on Bobby's feet period  to "fix Other Farrier's mistakes". Ohhh-kay. Unfortunately, I'm totally cluess about feet so....anyone have any good hoof books they'd like to recommend? I think it's time I jumped on the learning train.

acrylic on the lf.
Saturday I was all set for a good ride but I walked into the barn and found this:
he had hay dangling out of his mouth as well.
He was too sleepy to do anything. Including get up. He let me give him some scratches before having the lamest roll ever and passing back out. I organized all my stuff for our schooling before bribing the pony to get up with peppermints. However, all I did was give him a good grooming and stuck him back in to eat. He really probably should have been ridden, buuut Saturday was my birthday and I wanted to do fun birthday things!

We ended up not doing anything too crazy, but we ate so well. Steaks on the grill, corn on the cob, and homemade strawberry shortcake made with strawberries that Hubby got fresh from one of his customers. So delish.

Yesterday was Bobby's second xcountry schooling at Burgundy Hollow. Michelle forewarned us that she hadn't taken the hay off the fields yet so things were looking a little cray-cray, but since the paths for all the fences got mowed for May's show, it really wasn't bad at all.

personal groom and pro event horse.
We had a solid game plan going in: School the whole stadium course, walk down to the start box and give him some time to regroup like he'll have to at a show, and then school the whole BN course. Michelle had a left over course map from the last show so I studied it for about five seconds before tossing it in my tack box. Totally memorized. Riiight.

We got there a little early so while we were waiting, we took Robert down to introduce him to the water. He's done lots of cantering through enormous puddles before without paying them any attention, but he wasn't so sure about this. However, he was persuaded to get his toes wet when I lured him in with apple pieces.

We finally tacked up and as I was tightening my girth and zipping up my vest and buckling my helmet--you know, all things that should be done before I even get on--Bobby marched off and made the turn to the jumps through the hedgerow on his own.

We did a brief warm up in the stadium ring and without jumping a single warm up fence, went through the whole BN course. He had a rail at the second fence; from the video it looks like he just didn't get his knees up high enough. He thought that was a good enough excuse to jump even higher for the rest of the fences and didn't touch anything else. Now, I do have a video of the course, but it is possibly the most awful riding ever done by anyone ever. Seriously. Just horrible. Thank goodness Bobby was gung-ho to go because I was staring at the base of the fence every single jump, not releasing unless I was releasing way too much and letting my reins go flying through my fingers, and I did a very strange "lean way too far forward going over the jump before popping back up way too fast" sort of style. Paired with Bobby's over-jumping, it was just a hot mess all around. But we did do it and Bobby was pulling me to every single fence, so I'll take it for now.

what a good boy!
We headed down to the start box and Bobby totally had his swag on, ready to show off his new confident Important Event Horsie skilllz.

pig waiting with hubby as bobby and i walked around.
Bobby walked in and out of the box and around the waiting area totally chill. In fact, he didn't neigh or get tense about anything a single time even though he was all alone. We headed out at a canter and Bobby was ready to take names. He didn't think twice about a single jump. That's not to say he wasn't jumping like a greenie, but every one of those fences were bigger than anything he'd jumped before. First up was a big blonde colored log, then a blonde coop.

The third jump was a hay feeder before heading out through the hedgerow and angling right down a hill to the table (the N of which is featured in my header). I tried to convince Bobby we should trot this one since he'd never jumped downhill before, but he said "No, thank you" and went sailing over with me taking a very defensive backseat. It was a pretty good sized hill and after he landed going much faster than either of us wanted, he decided he'd listen to me and trotted the rest of the way down.

We crossed the road to get to the ditch which was really hard to see with the grass grown up so I tried to get him to walk up to it, but we sort of compromised with a rein-pulling trot. "Bobby, there's a ditch ahead!" "Alright." "No, really, Bobby! Ditch! DITCH!" "Alriiiiiight, lady! I fucking see it! Let's just go already!" We were supposed to turn left immediately after to stay on the BN track but I completely forgot that and made the three strides to the Novice (!) coop thingy with a flat top. Half coffin anyone? Since we were now off track, I just followed the Novice (!) path, jumping the N ladder and coming around the bend to a really cute N house combination. Bobby was locked on, but I was like, "Fuck no." and met back up with the BN track to head up the bank.

He skipped up the bank (he gets really pleased with himself when he goes up banks), did a BN log, detoured to the N log since there was a flag down in front of the BN one, opted for the bench on the Starter track instead of the oxer because I know Plantation has a bench, over the "grey rails", and to the water.

safely navigated past the pond monsters.

He did peter out to a stop at the water, but I gave him a poke with my spurs and he tip-toed in before agreeing to trot out and canter over the black rails. Finished off with a little coop uphill and came back to play in the water more.

"i iz jumping the jumpssss!!!"
He was a sweaty, but not overly so and he barely took a deep breath. Burgundy Hollow definitely matches Plantation in terrain so I'm glad he's not super out of shape, but we need to do some serious hill work because every time he landed downhill, he'd be so unbalanced he'd go careening off into a gallop and I had to really yank him back to some semblance of control. He goes out in a really steep paddock so I know he just needs work with my silly ass on his back.

Needless to say, Bobby was a total super star the whole day. I, however, have a ton of work to do. More two point work, jumping without reins, maybe some longe line work, and lots of hill work. I have got to stop pinching with my knees so I can keep my heel somewhat down, and I've got to get my friggin shoulders from trying to meet over my boobs. Regardless, I think we're going to be okay for next Sunday. I payed for Videos by Patrick to video our entire xcountry round and Plantation always had killer photogs there so be prepared for a fun media dump!

this moved in as i was wrapping bobby's legs to go home.

so. much. candy.


  1. YAY! Success. I'm so glad things are on the up and up!

  2. Awesome!! I like this new bobby-monster. :D Luck to you both next weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Boddy looks awesome! I was just thinking how different he looks from when you first got him "back" :)

  4. LOL! I love the video commentary! :)
    He looks soooooo good out there and you are doing so awesome with him!

  5. Wooo!!! What a super star!
    And happy birthday:)


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