Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Opie!

Unlike last year's party where we got 2' of snow in about two seconds on the day of Dopie's birthday, this year it was just single digits cold with barely any snow to be found. Bonus that we didn't have to do any shoveling, but bummer that there isn't any snow to play in.

this party hat really highlights his donkey ears

Regardless of the weather, Opie got to share his homemade cookies with his two friends in between romping around the indoor like crazies--that being his two friends and not him.

"you guys got that."

I'm the actual worst at making homemade horse treats as any recipe I try to follow always turns out the same blobbish, gooey way so I've just given up and make my own version. I basically combine all the horse's favorite things (that meant heavy on the carrots and no apples for Opie), some oats to give it volume, and a generous plopping of molasses to hold-ish it all together. Enough time spent in the fridge and they turn out solid enough to make it from the container into the horse's mouth and that's all that really matters.

opie was eating them right out of the box at first and then by the end decided
he didn't really like them anymore...after inhaling about 7 or 8 of them.

fortunately they didn't go to waste

they're all OTTBs so i guess they all deserve birthday cookies this month

His real birthday present was not having to do any work because homie got schooled by myself and Riding Bestie the past two days. He clearly had a lot of excess energy to burn.

meanwhile his friends were flying through the air like psycho kites

Happy low key sixth birthday, Dopie Horse!


  1. Happy birthday Opie! Apparently we got all your snow 🤦 haha

  2. Happy Birthday Opie! The 6yo year is going to be a big fun year!

  3. D’aww what a wild stallion on his bday!! Also what a good TB being born in early January! Charlie is an April baby, which kinda amazes me considering how large he is and how early he started running .....

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday Opie!! I've never been able to make horse cookies that looked cute either.

  5. He is the cutest unicorn on the planet. Happy Birthday Opie!

  6. This eats! I love big ears. Happy Birthday Opie!

  7. Happy Birthday Opie! He looks like a cartoon character with that hat on lol

  8. Aww! I love that he had a party, and even was willing to share cookies with his buddies. Happy Birthday Opie!!!

  9. Looks like an exceptionally wild party. You do you, Opie! Happy Birthday!

  10. OMG! The picture of Opie in the birthday hat blanket - precious. Happy Birthday Opie!


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