Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WW: Happy Birthday Opie!

dopie celebrated his fifth birthday on saturday

he did not want to share his bag of birthday carrots

and did the #angryunicorn birthday hat proud

side eye is better with a party hat

those ears tho

he really hates ralph. i do too.

it snowed 2' that morning, everything was frozen, cars were getting stuck in the
parking lot, and i slid to my knees in a giant puddle within two seconds of arriving
helping push someone out. it wasn't the most fun party.

the derp is strong.


  1. the party hat + pinned ear mare glare = basically the best dopie face lol

    but maybe a little less snow next time, mkay mother nature?

  2. His actual birthday!!! He's an early baby:) He better get used to being dressed up and humiliated!!!!

  3. Man that's a lot of snow! Happy birthday Opie!

  4. I love everything about this, except for the caption on the penultimate photo.
    The hate, the side eye, the lack of sharing. It's perfect!

  5. Happy birthday you majestic (and angry) snow unicorn!

  6. BUT he's learning to dress up, which honestly, is one of the most important skills Opie will learn in his life with you!

  7. He is fantastic. Fantastic faces, fantastic name, fantastic pictures. Happy Birthday Opie!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Catching up on your posts, that's exciting about the new saddle! I also paid more for my current saddle than I did for my horse and I have no regrets about that a couple years later. Also Opie reminds me SO much of Hero under saddle- kinda quiet, not spooky, didn't come with anything remotely like a right lead, and Hero also went through a bit of a stubborn testing the water period after he really settled in. Thankfully his calm extends to turnout and on the ground as well too.

  9. Happy Birthday Opie!!! Looks like the perfect party to me: bad weather, spoiled/angry birthday boy and lack of sharing. Isn’t that how all parties go??

  10. Aww Happy Birthday Opie! Your dress up skills are coming along nicely, just wait until spring hits. There's even more shenanigans in your future to include your side eye in!

  11. Happy birthday Opies!!! Good thing you didn't have a bigger party with cake bc then you might of had to share!!! Hahahahaha


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