Thursday, October 24, 2013

Product Review: Bobby Magee

The overall grade for this eight year old Thoroughbred gelding?

C-. Barely passing.

"oh, hai!"

I had a pretty shit-tacular weekend, just on a personal level. I felt like punching a few people in the face in an unnecessarily violent manner for some really stupid reasons, but obviously refrained. I'm sitting at a desk in my house, not in a jail cell after all. I needed something to turn my frown upside down (Did you just vomit in your mouth a little?), and I really just wanted to ride my own fucking horse.

Bobby had two-ish weeks off where he started going back out in his boots on both front feet due to thrush rearing its bitch head again. I thought I was getting it under control, but no. Now it's even worse, and I don't know why, and if it had a head, I would add it to the "Punch the fuck out" list. However, the foot it's worse in is the foot he's more sound on. But we'll get to that later.

mule ears.

Tuesday, I threw on his tack and boots and took him to the indoor to plod along because all I wanted to do was sit on him. Well, he was amazingly sound and willing to work again. I let him do a little w/t/c on a loose rein for twenty minutes before calling it quits. On Wednesday, I rode again, getting eight minutes of two point on a loopy rein as we wove around the arena and then finishing with some mediocre dressage work.

Today, I didn't feel like riding in the arena so we went up to the xcountry field. For his third ride back after a semi-extended vacation, he was his usual dopey self. He had one sassy moment as we were cantering where he did a little bunny leap into the air because I made him go around a jump instead of over it, but once we were past the tempting log, he carried on calmly. I got nine minutes and thirty seconds of two point before feeling like pudding, and we walked around for a bit to regain feeling in my legs.

flying foam! nothing like a little wind to blow your own spit onto your cheeks.

I made him do some flat work while we were up there, and I was happy to find that his leg yields and lengthenings are just as solid in the middle of a giant field as they are in an arena. We played around with flying changes and focused on not taking advantage of said giant field and trying to gallop off once he was switched over. Overall, I was really pleased with him.

dressage in the great outdoors.

After our ride, I got him set up for his second Oxine soak.

double time. 

I'm still not sure why he's more sore in his LF instead of his RF. Look at these suckers for comparison:

LF--maybe some thrush starting there, too?

RF--frog and heel bulb getting to' up!

Hopefully the Oxine helps heal the anything going on in there.

I'm kind of in awe of NF upon further contemplation. He's supposed to be the "therapeutic shoer" in the area, and for three months (three cycles of shoes), he kept pouring in a pad over that same funky shit in the RF without ever commenting on it. When I pulled that shoe, it was like something dead had been buried in his foot it smelled so bad. And we don't need to revisit how much of his foot was just downright missing when he kept tacking shoes back on. Whatevs. Farrier Carly is figuring shit out on her own.


  1. Advice on the oxine soak: "If the horse has deep cracks and flaps that can't be removed, push cotton deep enough into the cracks to hold them open while soaking. This cotton will need to be removed later!" Also, make sure you're mixing the oxine with citric acid or some type of acid to activate it.

    1. I think this person created a blogger account just to comment on this post.

    2. I'm doing a mix of 1/2c Oxine with 1/8c white vinegar and enough water to cover the hoof. I'll add the cotton to the mix though.

  2. Farrier Carly is hardcore. Also, let's send you to legit farrier school so you can help call out our own shitty farriers.

  3. I think you have found your calling!

  4. Sounds like you should seriously consider farrier school... I mean... you could probably make some money off all that Bobby is teaching you :-D Haha

  5. So he's a C- but he's an A+ at keeping you on your toes!

  6. This may sound crazy, but I use my nose more than my eyes to confirm thrush. Seriously, sniff that sucker.


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