Friday, October 18, 2013

I can't even think up a stupid title

Bobby is currently in Lame Horse Limbo. He broke the laces on the Boa boots (not really sure how...), so I'm waiting for new ones to arrive so I can replace them. For now, they're getting Gorilla taped on. He looks like one classy mother fucker, I can tell you that. I'm also waiting for the Oxine to arrive so I can hopefully soak out the nasties in his toes.

I saw this stuff while perusing ideas on how to make his feet not suck quite so badly. Has anyone ever heard of it or used it before? It got bookmarked for later shopping.

grazing outside the barn with the pig dog.

Pilot, who almost everyone actually calls "Little Grey Horse" in person because his name sucks--he came with it, and I called him Pistol for the first month he was here because I could never remember Pilot--has had two arena rides the past two days.

Yesterday, he got his booty worked off on the flat. We had a rather lengthy discussion about how he does not need to buck during counter departs, or when he gets the wrong lead and I ask him to come back down to the trot. Then we had a discussion about how coming off the circle to go down the long side does not mean I'm asking for a lengthening--in fact, for dressage test time for Baby Horsies, it means it's almost time to trot again. SO TROT.

He carried his lessons over very well today, though. I dropped my stirrups three holes to where I usually flat Bobby (still three holes shorter than I ride in a dressage saddle, which I really want to have again) (p.s. sad face, I want a dressage saddle again.) and was surprised to find that my leg didn't dangle past his belly. It helps that he's so fat right now. But for being 15hh and me being 5'10" of legs, it didn't feel too awkward at all. What it did do was make me feel a lot more secure instead of feeling perched on top of  fat, green baby with exceptionally questionable steering.

I also switched out pads to something else, and the combination of better riding on my part and a tack change made him feel a lot more forward and happy. His canter was also much calmer and more controlled, though he still wanted to throw in a couple of bucks. Well...they're not even really bucks, in that his head doesn't go diving down and his hind end doesn't go shooting up. They're more like exuberant hind leg dances with a neck wiggle. But still uncalled for.

a picture of my awkward mule waiting to get his boots and sheet put on
to break up word vomit.

Because he was so good, I set up a little crossrail with a placing pole 9' out for him to go over. He trotted right over it without even bothering to jump it the first time, then cantered off before calmly coming to a halt at the end of the arena when asked. Trotted back around, a stride out from the pole he picked up the canter on his own, cantered the pole, cantered the X, landed on the correct lead, and again halted quietly. Once more of the same routine before I asked him to canter the whole way. He was balanced enough that he easily made the turn down the quarterline in our small indoor, and he cantered evenly over the pole and X like it was no big deal. No bucking, no rushing, no nothing. Just a ho-hum jump.

Now, he's been jumped in the arena plenty of times before (around 2', maybe 2'3"). He's been at the barn for about a year and a half and he was being ridden almost every Saturday in a lesson, and he was ridden quite a bit over the summer. But the Saturday rider went off to college and the summer rider went back to Hong Kong (to return this winter for a couple of weeks), and into the field he went to do absolutely nothing. So I'm very happy he's picked right back up where he left off in that respect.

Even though Hubby killed the latest camera (though not quite as thoroughly as the last one, and we again have it covered under warranty), I'm going to make him come out this weekend for better Little Grey Horse pictures.


  1. Much as I obviously like the name Little Grey Horse, I think Pilot's a great name. Isn't it what Mr Rochester's horse was called in Jane Eyre? Or was that his dog... Anyway I like it :)

  2. I have to admit laughing hysterically over the "photo to break up word vomit" strategy. We all do it, you admit it. That's awesome.

  3. hm, I've never heard of tat keratex putty. I wonder if it's similar to magic cushion? Does it stay in without being wrapped?

  4. I think Pistol is an excellent name for a horse. Keep calling him that.

    also, how many cameras do you guys break on average during the course of a year ;-)

    1. It's why we can't have nice things. We're like children.


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