Saturday, May 4, 2013


Remember way back in December when I announced I was going to learn to drive? Drive a horse, that is. I'm already a confirmed liability behind a car wheel. Well between the snow and then the rain, it just kept getting pushed farther and farther back. No more, ladies.

I got to the barn early this morning to get in a quick ride on Robert. He had just lay down for his morning siesta so I went up to the outdoor to watch the last half of a lesson to let him get his snooze on.

nobody interrupts bobby's naps.
 He was awake by the time the lesson was over so I took him up to the outdoor. Warmed up on a circle over a big X, came over a small grid (vertical, 2 strides to a bounce or vice versa) a few times each way, and finished with the coop once in each direction. As I was giving him his bath, BO came by and said she was going to drive Artie if I had time to stick around.

She showed me how to tack him up, took him for a spin down the driveway, and then came back and asked if I wanted to go. I was climbing into the cart before she even got done asking. She let me hold the lines to trot him back up, but he's so impeccably trained he pretty much drove himself. So fancy.

Then it was time for a horse more my speed:

Ok, so she's a pony, but still. The weekend barn worker, K, learned how to drive from the Amish while living in Lancaster so she helped me get Star ready while BO untacked (unhitched?) Artie. BO had me line drive her around a little bit to get used to her steering.

And then we hooked up the cart! K jumped in with me to make sure I didn't die while BO gave me a basic rundown of how Star drives. I backed her up, told her to "come around", and off we went. I wanted to walk a bit first on my first "solo" drive, but Star had other ideas. I was like, "Walk. Star! Walk!" and Star was like, "Shut the hell up back there. I know what I'm doing. You certainly don't."

Ponies. Pony mare no less.

I eventually got her back to the walk (very begrudgingly on Star's behalf) and we ambled around a bit before turning around and "asking" (ok, letting) her trot back. We picked up another passenger--a little girl whose parents want to train their mule to drive and had stuck around to watch--and made the loop again. K went solo to finish the pony off and then the three of us clambered back aboard to pose for pictures.

k, h, and me!
I was giggling like a little kid the whole time. I had so much fun! BO said that now that I know the basics, it will be easier to fit a drive in. Star got stuffed full of cookies for not killing me, Bobby got locked in his stall for the night, and I dragged eighty pounds of tack home to clean.

Hopefully our show tomorrow will be as fun as trotting down the road with a pony!


  1. Awww jelly! One day I'll learn to drive a horse... one day.


  2. That looks like such fun. Hope the show went well :)

  3. How fun! Hope the show was a success.


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