Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WW: Weekend Trail Ride

about to cross the road

this six stall barn is for sale. someone come be my friend!

where we were dive bombed by the hawk last weekend.
bobby was on high alert for repeat attacks.

"i throw my head up in the air sometimes. singing let gooo, let me galloppp!"

awesome view, even in the mist.

exploring a new path

And because those are pretty boring, I'll deviate from "wordless" quickly:

I got off of Bobby after riding around for about thirty minutes to pull my saddle pad back into place. (P.S. Someone buy my fucking saddle.) I had unhooked his girth completely from both sides, and Bobby was standing there just chilling like the good trail pony he is. Then, out of nowhere, he flings his head up and starts snorting and spinning around frantically. When I yelled at him to stand still, he tried to yank the reins out of my hands.

As has been established, we live in a very healthy black bear area. Very healthy. I had to yell at our "pet" one to get the fuck out of our backyard last weekend so I could let the dogs out (because I fear Mags will think it's her papa). I didn't hear anything crashing through the woods we were standing next to, but I sure as hell wasn't going to stand there and wait to see if something came meandering out.

I did the girth back up as quickly as I could and we jetted home, slipped pad be damned. I told BM about it when we got back and she was like, "Oh, yeah! I saw a bear on the backside of that hill while I was driving home yesterday."


I'm glad my horse's lack of self preservation over fences does not carry over to a lack of self preservation around wild animals.


  1. Haha, Bobby deserves cookies for saving your buts from a black bear :D He just needs to get some self preservation over jumps XD

  2. Bobby is the best bear alarm - what a legend!

  3. I can't get over bears in your back yard. Bears seem mythical. I've never seen one in the wild. Snakes, bobcats, boars, alligator snapping turtles, gators, yes. Bears, no. Which is probably good, because I would probably try to pet it (like I tried with the wild boar) and die.

  4. He can probably smell the bear...scary

  5. Yikes! But those pictures--what a pretty area to trail ride!

  6. whoa good instincts on your part to listen to bobby!! also, love this lol: "i throw my head up in the air sometimes. singing let gooo, let me galloppp!"

  7. I now have this image of your puppy running up to a black bear going 'LOOOOOOOOOOVE MEEEEEEEEEEE!'

  8. Ahh that barn is beautiful and I want it but the commute would be horrible. Yikes, bears! Your trails are amaaazing though, worth the risk of bear and hawk attacks.

  9. Years ago, a giant bear showed up at our back door. Our dog, an Akita, and the bear had a tense stare-down through the glass while we humans panicked and called animal control. Turns out the bear was actually our dog's sire from down the street...

    What I'm trying to say is - maybe the bear *IS* Mags' papa!

    1. LOL!! The first thing everyone says when they see Mags is "She looks like a bear cub!" I'm afraid she'll take it to heart. :P


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