Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top 3 Crazies

It's no secret that horse people are absolutely fucking nuts. In times of little blogging content, I thought I'd share my top three "favorite" personal encounters with some of the bat shit crazy people I've encountered.

In no particular order...


I boarded at a place in college where I was able to work off the majority of my board. The BO's daughter was my age and had gone to the same school I was attending, but had temporarily dropped out. So I knew her, but not very well at first. Over time, I ended up becoming pretty good friends with the family and I stayed there one summer to work.

red says, "i know where this is going..."

They were crazy, thrived off of drama, and their business practices actually ended up called into question by higher authorities. I saw a lot of behavior from them that was questionable, but never really put the horses at risk.

One summer though, they got mad at another boarder (it was primarily a retirement farm, but a few other college kids also kept their horses there) for who knows what reason, and they decided to withhold the daily electrolyte every other horse got added to their morning grain. To top that off, because they didn't like the horse much either, at each feeding they spit into his grain.

I ended up pulling Red out on zero notice because they went on a rampage when Hubby and I got together and I wasn't spending all my time there anymore. They wouldn't speak to me unless it was to say something rude, and they kept making up barn rules on the spot to go against whatever I was doing. Truly vindictive people, and I'm glad I have zero contact with them anymore.


A couple summers ago I joined a last minute clinic at my current barn. The clinician was a former rider of BO's and has gone on to be a somewhat BNR. I wrote a blog recap of it explaining my frustrations about not getting any constructive feedback, or really any feedback at all, and generally feeling alienated because I wasn't in BO's lesson program and for not being a hunter or jumper rider.

my micklem bridle was deemed "ugly" and consequently dismissed. uh, sorry?

About a week after the clinic, I was called into BO's office to discuss the post. Apparently BO had gotten a phone call from the clinician telling her I was ripping BO's program apart and completely slandering her in my blog. I was blown away and ended up breaking down and crying I was so insulted.

I'm not afraid to express my opinion or displeasure on my blog, but I do try to keep other people's identity on the down low, and I'd certainly never publicly tear someone to shreds over a few stupid comments that I quickly brushed off. I don't feel like I've ever threatened BO's business on here, nor put her through the ringer.

BO was incredibly understanding about the whole thing though, and she assured my she saw absolutely nothing that upset her. She was professional and sympathetic and remains so to this day about what happened. I appreciate that, but the drama that a couple of people tried their hardest to start over it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


At the barn I boarded at before I moved to my current barn, there were a whole host of problems I could rage on about. If there's anyone I would slander on this blog, it would be the owner of that barn. I even called the SPCA on him when I left, and I was not the only former boarder to do so. No turn out in the winter (paddocks were padlocked); you could turn out in summer in one of the two paddocks, but you had to come do it yourself; he would take any extra hay you put in your horse's stall out even though no one was getting enough; things would go missing; he'd try to talk about everyone behind their backs; and on and on.

the place was gorgeous however. bobby's first trail ride was around one of the fields.

The final straw was the evening I returned from a show and found that Red's grain had been fed to someone else. I was buying my own grain and supplements with no cost off board and individually bagging them. It was late enough when we got back that everyone had already been fed their dinner. Red's bucket was empty and so was his PM grain bag.

I went off on an epic rant to another boarder that happened to be around, and she told me the next day that BO explained to her that he must have just "accidentally" fed Red's grain to know, on top of Bobby's grain.

Yeah, no. That month, as I was trying to find a home for Bobby so I could move Red out of there, I saw some of my grain spilled in front of another horse's stall that was supposed to be getting the barn's mill feed. BO was feeding my expensive grain to whoever he felt like, and my horses were literally starving because of it. I was there for eight months too many, and I still feel guilty I didn't get out sooner.

What about you guys? What are your craziest crazy people encounters?


  1. That is an impressive list of crazy right there. Yikes.

  2. Those are definitely some crazies. The worst one for me was the lady that would be laughing and joking one day then irate and crying the next. She had a lot of money and was convinced that everyone was using her for it even though I never asked her for anything other than a weekend off to spend at a rodeo that my dad and I went to together every year. I even paid someone to come clean the stalls (I was riding and cleaning stalls for riding her horses to pay for my board), but she was still pissed. I had to be out there every day, even on what was supposed to be my day off, or she'd get pissed. On Mother's Day she told me I could give my mom a lesson on one of her horses (she had FANTASTIC horses) which I thought was really sweet because I was poor as shit and couldn't get my mom much. On the day of, I show up at the barn to get the horse ready and this lady is PISSED. It went from her rethinking letting me do the lesson to deciding that she guessed it was still okay to her crying to her eagle eyeing while my mom rode the horse. My mom was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, and it was probably the most awkward gift I've ever given my mom. All of this was because her kids hadn't called her on Mother's Day so the rest of the world was going to pay. There are about twenty other things she did, but that was the worst to me. The sad part was she could be a really sweet/kind person and I not only liked her, but looked up to her in a lot of ways. You know, on the days she wasn't acting like a fucking psycho.

  3. I boarded at a barn similar to the one you talked about in the last part. The woman who ran the place was snarky, and always talking about her "amazing" placings at big shows (at first level ... whooo). My horse started losing a ton of weight, and I got really worried. She told me my horse was peeing a lot, and probably had a kidney infection. Obviously that scared the crap out of me, and I called the vet out to do a quick look at him.

    The first thing the vet had to do upon entering the property was save a horse of the BO's from killing itself. She had left twine around the round bale, and it was all tied up in it. The second thing the vet did was tell me my horse was 100% healthy, but not being fed enough. That should've been the first clue.

    I talked the BO about increasing feed, and she took more money from me and promised to feed more. I wasn't sure she was doing it, as I never saw her do the evening feed when I was there. Other boarders never saw her feed, either. She also kept the feed room padlocked, and refused to share the key. She started padlocking the hay, too, saying we were all feeding way too much of it.

    Finally, I arranged board somewhere else and left without notice. Not before a fellow boarder smeared chalk on the bottom of her horse's feed bin, only to find it still there two days later. Totally untouched.

    What a crazy. She's still operating in my old city, and apparently has a lot of big name contacts. I hope she's treating her horses better.

  4. I love reading about crazy people. They're so damn crazy.

  5. Oh my god, the crazies. I think I'll have to write a post in response. Yikes.

  6. Gotta love the crazy... I have experienced everything from barn employees not cleaning only my horses stall, a sweat scraper being placed inside my horses muzzle and then in his mouth, and plenty of other things in between. I try to remember that I have sometimes unrealistic expectations from having my horse at home but sometimes (instances above) I just want to say what gives?!

  7. oh, I can top these about 10 ways to China and I don't even board! LOL too many crazies to recount.

  8. Crazies be crazy. And they are everywhere.

  9. Horses are like crazy people magnets. I should know, we can tell our own. (Jk Im not cray like your post, just my own kinda manic)

  10. Wow you've had some crappy luck with crazies!! I just knocked on a wooden surface because I've been reasonably able to escape that so far.

  11. So. many. crazies.

  12. Wow!! That is some serious cray cray. What the hell is wrong with people?

  13. I wish I had the guts to speak ill of a former BO but she is super famous and so is her horse, so I shall not.

  14. Bahahaha. Oh crazy people. What is it about horses that attracts crazy? I might have to do a post in response to this...

  15. Omg, the blog one! That would make me -so- upset.

  16. I boarded at a place that had gotten hay from the same supplier for YEARS. One summer, hay got quite expensive because of a drought, and the quality went down. And by "the quality went down" I mean I found bales of "hay" that were half nightshade plants or other weeds. When I brought this to the attention of the BO, they simply moved the bales to another pasture and gave my horses different bales. After pulling a 4 inch in diameter tree branch and a 2x4 foot piece of roofing metal out of THAT bale, I decided I was done. I called around to a couple of other barns, found space for my guys, and moved that day. I told them they could keep my deposit AND my board, because it was cheaper than the vet bills or a dead horse.

    They had three horses die that summer, BTW.

  17. It does seem like horses do attract a high amount of crazy!

  18. it always amazes me how supposed horse people can take out their passive aggression on innocent horses... glad you're in a better situation now!! you're BO sounds great

  19. Ooo. Those are some nasty crazies.
    Most of the crazy I've seen is just blatant cruelty with seemingly normal people.
    Why does the horse world attract the pyschos?

  20. These are really.really.crazy. Glad that so far my experience with lunatic horse people has very, very limited.

  21. I have met all sorts of crazy in my job.

    From a boarding perspective, there was a barn owner in my college town who literally padlocked a horse into its stall and refused to give the horses's owner the key until the owner agreed to have the horse shod how the BO felt it should be done.

    One of my best friends from college had a crazy incident when she brought her very high strung and wild OTTB home for winter break to a barn by her house. Her horse was on stall rest with hand walking for an injury, and he was was a handful to walk. One day the BO (who I'm sure was drunk at the time) saw my friend trying to walk this horse who was freaking out. The BO told her that her horse was dangerous and should be shot, he then proceeded to take the lead rope from my friend and turned the horse out in the indoor arena and spent the next 20 minutes chasing him around. My friend's parents came and got the horse that night, I think he might have even spent a night in their backyard while they scrambled around trying to find another barn for him.

    I've been at barns with some weird individuals, but thankfully have never been at a place that I ever felt like my horse's care was affected because of it.

  22. Whew, #1, that is insane! I've been lucky in boarding situations, but I went to an equine program at a women's college 7 miles from the nearest guy...that brought out the crazies.


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