Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Results are in: Blanketing Fees

Holy shit.

Next time I get the idea in my head to do a "Horse people love spending money!" survey, no one reply to me. Not unless it's to tell me not to do it. I don't know why anything that has to do with math seems like a good idea to me, and add in having to use Excel...


Anyway, after two hours of gathering all the results from the blanketing fees questionnaire  (or at least that's what we'll call for lack of better ideas), I finally got my information lumped together in one easy to read graph.

Tah dah!

you'd best appreciate the amateur fanciness!

I thought it was funny that, on average, those who turn their horses out in the theoretically nicest time of day and don't clip spend the most on blankets. To be fair though that section, along with the nighttime clipped horses, was the one with the least responses.

Also, since I do love to give out fake e-awards, this round's goes to Tori for having the most blankets out of anyone. Yeah, yeah. We know you have multiple horses, and you live in icy Canada, but it's time to fess up: You have a problem, girl.

puppies say they rock the on sale blankets just like their pony

I was actually surprised on how little we spend on blankets. Horse people love spending money, but we love to go bargain hunting, too, amirite?!

Maybe it has something to do with knowing that that expensive purchase is going to be covered in poop within the week.


  1. 100% the reason for bargain hunting, that and the effing things are so expensive to begin with bargains are a must for something that could rip the first time they wear it.

  2. There are SO MANY used blankets out there, it's hard to justify buying new IMO

  3. Yes. That is indeed why we bargain hunt. Darn ponies love to roll and rip and murder such lovely blankets... Lol :)

  4. HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    My horses are seriously blanketed - because I don't clip and try to prevent hair! ahha

    I do have a problem. I just had three new Rambo stable rugs arrive yesterday.....hehehe

    It never ends! But I too, buy mostly used :)

  5. Love your charts. Keep up the good work :-D

  6. Overall they are lower than I'd have thought. Good job bargain hunting indeed!

  7. It helps us bargain hunters that tack stores always have amazing blanket sales in the summer, which is when I buy blankets.

  8. I can't even brain the amount of math... head hurts..

  9. I somehow missed this survey but wow such blanketing

  10. Interesting! I don't feel so guilty for my bargain shopping now!

  11. Love the graph and thanks for illustrating the data, also I love puppies in blankets more then ponies in blankets.

  12. Great data. Thanks for taking time for visuals! Very helpful


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