Friday, November 7, 2014


Bobby had a case of the "It's been winter for the last five months, there's ice on the ground, and I can't run and play in my paddock!" zoomies yesterday. You may be wondering why he was feeling this way since, you know, we haven't had a single flake of snow yet (actually, it's snowing its ass off right now out one window, but sunny out the other so I'm not counting it) and his giant paddock isn't even muddy.

I was wondering that, too.

I tried yet another new bit on him after randomly seeing some pictures from an old facebook album of his lips covered in a froth of glorious white foam.

love that foamy!

I dug it out--a thin, single jointed racing dee that squeaks like a bitch whenever it's in use.

BAM. He came right out like a rock star. Soft and low and loose, a little bit lazy at the canter, but overall a total dream boat.

Then, of course, after he had a canter he went bulldozing around at the trot. Remember that was one of my goals this month? To get him to stop doing that? It involved ten million bajillion ridiculous half halts, but it got done.

I tried to finish with some stretchy trot. It was good to the left, but the right was major zoomies zone. I ended up shortening my reins and making that big trot go to use.

throwback! someone needs new flat pictures!

Today was a cluster fuck where I was at the barn for three hours but only rode for twenty minutes. However, I did get the outdoor harrowed and a new jump course set up for this weekend. And Mags had another encounter with the electric fence while she wasn't listening. Call that a win? I vote yes.

Our ride this morning was pretty much all lateral work, and because Bobby let me get him super "collected" (we're not third level here, I know) it was great work. Shoulder in to haunches in down the long side turned into leg yield zig zags. It was fanciness abound.

I'm super excited about the new dressage tests, though I was surprised to see some movements that were in the Beginner Novice and Novice eventing tests. I've always equated First Level with Training (lengthenings and 15 meter circles) and Preliminary (leg yields) tests. But in 1-1 and 1-3, the final halts come off of a half circle at E or B making the halt at G. Also, in 1-3, there's a movement where you turn right at B, halt at X, pick the trot back up, and then turn left at E which is similar to the Novice B test.

Regardless, they look like a ton of fun. I can't wait to try them out, and I'm glad I only ended up showing at First for one year. Doing three dressage shows last year at that level made repeating and practicing those tests so many time super boring.


  1. I'm kind of excited about the new First level tests too.. mainly because First-1 brings back the teardrops that I loved riding multiple test changes (so what if I'm old) ago!

  2. Yes - new pictures are a must!

  3. The new first level tests are pretty cool, I agree! Can't wait to ride them!

  4. I don't know if I could manage to memorize one dressage test...let alone a new grouping each year!

  5. I've been kind of wishing the temperature would drop and we'd get snow instead of rain. Snow is so much more fun to ride in... :( Love the first pic! And definitely the last. Hell I love all your pics.

  6. interesting that he loves that one bit so much - but hey, whatever works! and that's funny about Mags and the electric fence... pup's gotta learn lol

  7. Interesting most horses dont like the thinner bits! Whatever works! Fancy fancy :D
    And...snow? Where do you live?? I hope we dont get snow for a few more weeks...

  8. I kind of miss snow and warm winter clothing. Bobby looks super in that last pic! I agree, the first level tests look a lot more fun!


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