Thursday, November 13, 2014

White Bliss

I saw this cool story the other day on our local news station about a white Standardbred making his first career start at Pocono Downs, and I had to share!

White Bliss at Pocono Downs.

There's a ton of pictures of him if you do a Google search. Pretty fancy schmancy, no?

In Bobby news, the wild moose got body clipped again this morning. I was totally set on waiting until after Thanksgiving because I'll be gone for a week while visiting family in IL, but after it took me an hour to dry him off yesterday when all we did was a relatively brief dressage school, I said FUCK THAT. Threw in the ole Fuck It Flag.

Now I'm going to blanket the shit out of him in hopes that he'll stop growing hair so quickly. He has the internal temperature of a fucking active volcano, so he gets warm under heavier blankets even when it's cold out. But if I leave them off, or go lighter than I normally would, he grows his winter coat back in double time. Then he gets uncomfortably hot and sweaty when working, and that's no fun for anyone.

Horse Problems. The struggle is real.

We also jumped around with S as our jump crew/boss lady when I was done, and set a date for tomorrow with the camera so that hopefully I have some new media to share.

jumped this again off the short side, just because we're awesome. 

In conclusion, this is a post about nothing. Just filling the quota.


  1. I'm body clipping again this weekend. Joy.

  2. I saw White Bliss on the Coth forums and thought he was so cool looking!

  3. I saw your title and was like "EFF HER AND HER MOTHER EFFING SNOW LOVING EFFING SELF" and then I saw the horse and was like "oh, actually that's pretty cool".

    1. Title saved for our first snow when I will be SO PUMPED!!

  4. Quota met. And you're still bad asses.

  5. I was looking at my two last week & despite only being clipped LAST week, they are growing effing hair back again. What gives ponios?!

  6. I am with you on the 'running warm' thing! It got down to 26 last night and Connor was in a medium liner under his sheet. He would have melted in a heavyweight liner. And my trainer is a chronic overblanketer.

  7. Where are the snow pictures? This post is labeled "White Bliss" so I WANT SNOW PICTURES!

  8. how on earth do they keep that horse so clean??? and that big oxer has me thinking about setting up something similar - obvi much smaller but still high for us, since i love Xs so much and maybe won't be too scared?...

  9. Bobby always has to keep you on your toes right? Or else it wouldn't be as fun...

  10. Winter hair sucks! Shaving it off sucks even worse.

  11. That's a super pretty Standardbred! I love his roman nose!


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