Monday, November 10, 2014

Yep. You're still winning, dressage.

I did so many fun pony things this weekend! Well, not really "so many", but the pony things I did do were fun.

On Saturday I met S at the barn for some jumping in the outdoor. I stole another Bay with Chrome jump course because what are bloggers for besides stealing their awesome riding exercises? This course, however, was very nearly not our friend. It was ten thousand times harder than it looked on paper, and while I did run through it once in its entirety, I spent most of the ride being S's guinea pig.

We warmed up over an oxer that I dropped to an X, did the 3' oxer on the short side a few times, and ran through the two stride with and without the vertical off a crazy turn thrown in.

Then S started pointing out lines she thought would be crazy fun to do, and convincing me to do them with encouraging phrases like, "I bet Bobby could do it." and "That would be so bad ass if you could do that jump to this jump. You should try it."

Clearly I am not hard to get to do things.

And also my horse is a rock star.

Also also, we were without Hubby so all you get his helmet cam video of these adventures. Sorry, haters.

S's first "suggestion" was to make the two diagonal verticals (the verticals were all set at 2'6") as a sharp bending line. She had to literally walk me through the line because I wasn't seeing it. It rode pretty easily though.

Then we did one of the diagonal verticals and rolled back to the middle vertical. Also pretty easy.

Since those posed no problems, we got a little more exciting and decided to do the two angled verticals on a straight line. That was pretty legit, and probably the most fun yet still slightly terrifying exercise of the day. I angled the second vertical on its own just to make sure we could. Bobby had zero issue with it, so I came around and put them together. Yeah, also no issue. Did I mention my horse is a rock star?

S finished doling out ideas with the bending-ish line to a quick roll back to the oxer:

And then we did the whole course:

Which was very tricky and bendy, and all of S's crazy ideas actually paid off for a great warm up for this course.

S pointed out that last year Bobby wouldn't have been able to do any of this. He wouldn't have saved my ass and just gone when we got to an awkward spot; he'd have gone galloping off or flying backwards. It was a nice reminder that even when things aren't perfect, they're still way better than they were before.

By the way, my pony is a fucking rock star.

On Sunday I finally gave in to Bobby's not so subtle hinting that he was ready to blow if he didn't get a gallop in and took him out on the trails. He was a perfect gentleman walking up the hill to the road, waited patiently for a car to pass, and then started to jig when we got to the open field. I let him pick up the trot, but the second we stepped through the gap in the hedgerow and he saw the hill he was gone.

gallop path for days

We were nearly dive bombed by a red tailed hawk which caused us both to spook; that mother fucker was literally on top of us, screaming its brains out about something. Sorry, bro! Didn't mean to infringe on your territory. Or whatever your problem is.

Bobby had a good gallop out, walked until he caught his breath as we did a little exploring, and then got a good gallop back. It was just what the pony ordered. I did his feet while he hung out under his cooler and dried off. He's already so hairy again.

This morning we did a dressage school in the outdoor. Again with the fabulousness and this bit. He went so well in his chunky french link Happy Mouth that I kind of can't believe he likes this tiny thing. Whatever, dude. If it makes a Bobby happy, it makes a Carly happy.

We ended the ride with canter serpentines with simple changes between. It started off a little sticky, but ended with me drooling a little bit at his fanciness. The more repetitions we did, the sharper he got and the more he sat. He felt like his butt was under my butt, and his canter was so uphill and collected. Like, true collection which was so fucking cool to feel.

It also showed me just how much leg I have to keep on when he's packaged up like that. Holy shit,  MY LEGS HURT SO BAD FROM DRESSAGE.

This also needs to go in caps:


Mark it down, bitches. Someone is growing a brain.

sweaty horse dries off in the sun

He gets tomorrow off, and by "he" I mean "we". My body is like, "What the fuck is wrong with you??" with all this actual riding.


  1. Sounds like fun! Twisty jumps, Bobby gallops, and yes, dressage can be fun too. Yay you guys :)

  2. Love the helmet cam videos, those courses look pretty hard---and TONS of fun! Glad Robert can keep his marbles contained for more than 2 seconds :)

  3. things are just coming together for you awesome!

  4. Bobby is so grown up, HE CAN LEARN!

  5. that course looks awesome - so many options! way to go Bobby :)

  6. Yay Bobby! I need to attack those canter serpentines.



  7. So many fun rides!

  8. I'm jealous of that awesome gallop path!

  9. Gotta love it when the brain comes in!

  10. Your poneh needs a Rock Star t-shirt.

  11. Woop woop, you guys are killing it!

  12. Turns turns turns! Y'all are kicking some rollback butt :) & thank you for enjoying the courses!

  13. Woot! All the greatness! Your horse is a rockstar!


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