Thursday, November 20, 2014

Top Five Under Thirty, Pt. II

I did this post last spring, and I love the idea of it so I thought I'd do another one to introduce some blogs that need more followers!

An Optimist, A Pony, and A Pug

I know how much blog land loves them a good Cob. (Am I right Connor? Get well soon EmiAll the Cobs!) Gavin is a Cob training for total dressage domination. He's cute, he's a redhead, and his mom is constantly sharing his adorable mug with the world. Not enough? She also has a pug. Are you sold yet?

With a Western Twist

Louisa's last blog was featured in my last top five post. I just love this girl's writing and sense of humor. Does that make me a stalker? Probably. This new blog literally just got started, but I'm excited to see where she takes it, and I hope we get plenty more Jingle stories to go along with lifestyle updates.

Smooth Strides

This is a blog written by my friend from college, Sarah! She lives in Kentucky now on her own little farm with some race ponies and her own pony horse pony who she's turning into an eventer. Twister is a giant, super cute Quarter Horse, and I can't wait for her to get cruising in some horse trials next year.

Peace & Carrots

Three horses. All cute. One spotted and giant. Must I go on? Okay, fine. Kate just moved barns not long ago to get Apollo (the spotted and giant one) kicked started again and hopefully do some eventing eventually. She also has two babies that I'm super excited to read about in the coming years. Lots of pictures, good writing, and there have been several reflective posts that I enjoy reading because they make me think about some of the same issues I've encountered in the horse world.

2 Left Socks

Sam is a Curly Horse that does not look curly, but does look like a fucking boss. These two compete in hunters and they just cleaned up in their last show. I can't wait to read about more bad assery, and I always enjoy seeing videos. Plus I really like goal oriented blogs, and things are always getting checked off.

And in case you're wondering what Bobby has been up to...

"hai. these are my new friends. they never bite me."

"you're not sharing the cookies, are you?"

"modeling" his new halter we won.

lots of sleepy naps because that's what a bobby does best

"it's cold. NEED MOAR COOKIES."

Basically he's just chilling and eating his body weight in hay daily. The cold has been a good excuse to let him just sit for the next couple of weeks to hopefully let him drop some fitness. I've currently got him wound a little too tightly, and he doesn't need to be so fit and hot going into winter.

Whoa, Bobby. Settle the fuck down.


  1. Ohhh Bobby, always keeping things interesting. Good idea for a post!

  2. Thanks for the new reading material! And bobby's expressions...cute!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I love finding new blogs to follow!

  4. Thanks for the new reading material :)

  5. Oooo new blogs! Fun! Bobby, keep up the good work ;)

  6. A life of cookies and eating, sounds pretty awesome.

  7. O M G, I'm famous! Thanks so much! Time to up my blog-game!

  8. Why are you such a gem?? How sweet! I am mutually obsessed with you, in a totally non-stalker (okay maybe still a stalker) way ... if that makes it any better. :)

  9. Thanks for introducing me to a couple I've never seen before :)

  10. Thanks for the Cobby shoutout! 3 of those Cobs were bred by Connor's breeder, too.

  11. cool, followed a couple! Thanks!

  12. Aw, thank you so much for the shout out! <3


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