Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Flashback Fotos: Napolean

Napolean was a Pygmy buck I owned when we lived in NY (and had a lot of animals so I did a lot of fun things). He was the most ridiculous creature on the planet. He was the only goat we had for several months, so he grew up thinking he was one of the dogs....which meant he had no problem strolling into the house after them and being very offended when he got tossed back out.

His best friend was my Thoroughbred, Storm, and since we were on ninety acres of hay fields, the two of them pretty much just roamed around at will. Total bromance for sure, although at least Storm never peed on his own face.

I got three babies by him before selling him for an awesome profit when we moved south.

napolean and darcy playing on the round bales
snacking on gingerbread cookies while working on clearing
weeds behind the garage.
napolean invites himself in while storm checks to see if he'll fit, too.
stella (black goat) with josephine's (brown goat) napolean baby, and vice versa
"oh, hey. just standing on your car. nbd."
sassing his third baby, priscilla, who hubby's family still owns.
getting neck scratches from my bro. he loved people.
napolean's favorite activity: annoying storm
no fear of his equine partner in crime
"play with me!!"
"that's better!"


  1. What a kick ass pal for Storm.

  2. OMG dying of cuteness of your sassy goat trying to play with Storm. I *love* goats and I can't want to have a goat/dog someday!!

  3. I love them playing together!! :)

  4. I love goats so much I can't even handle it sometimes. They are the best animals ever for comic relief.

  5. aaaahhhh omg i LOVE your goat!!! lol what a nut

  6. I am obsessed with goats, there was a baby one that was at our shows in AZ all last winter and I once found it playing and spinning and pushing a trolley around... the BEST.

    That photo of Napoleon and Darcy on the hay bails is priceless!!

  7. Hahahha so cute! I love goats.

  8. Oh my goodness I love the photos of the bromance! He looked like a hilarious character.. just love goats!

  9. Now I want a goat. And we need another pet like I need a hole in my head.


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