Monday, December 1, 2014

November Review, December Goals

So the month of November was really more like the month of the jumper pony. I think I can count on one hand the number of real dressage rides we had. However, jumping is the area where we suck the most so I am totally okay with how that worked out. Every month should be jumping month...except that it makes Bobby think he no longer has to do the dressage, too.

November Review:

1. Ride a lap every ride without stirrups. Yeah, no. That is all.

2. Canter to trot transitions. Miles and miles better. Lots of half halting and transitions helped.

3. Find a bit to get us through the winter doldrums. He seems totally content in the thin racing dee, so whatever. I guess that's what will stick with for now.

fit horse is very fit right now. a little too fit.

December Goals:

1. Keep jumping. It's going to get cold and eventually snow. Even if the snow isn't much, the outdoor footing is already frozen, so it's time to retreat to the indoor. I hate jumping in the indoor, so I'm going to have to force myself to keep a consistent jump schedule going.

2. Don't forgot the dressage. With that said, I have to not skimp on the flat work, too. There are no running martingales in dressage, Robert. We have to stop cheating.

3. 3100 sit up challenge. Now moved to December by me. Jumping around the other week, I loved how secure my lower leg is feeling. Obviously I need to keep that strong, but I was throwing in some auto releases and my core was like "Whaaaa--?" Work together, body parts!

4. Incorporate ground work. That's pretty much all I did the last couple weeks of November, and I forgot how much I like it. Plus it means more cookies for Bobby, and anything that I can do to bribe my horse to like me is winning in my book.


  1. Wow. 3100 sit ups. All I have to say is good luck! :)

  2. My no stirrup lessons didn't really happen either :( Bad me!

  3. The "little too fit" goes for Brantley too. It suuuuccckksss. For me that is.

  4. 3100 sit ups... whoa. I could use a little more groundwork in my life too, maybe I will pop that into my December goal pile. :)

  5. nice job on the november goals. will be curious to know what kind of ground work you do with bobby, as i'm also trying to incorporate more of that

  6. I love how his pose is literally the same everytime. Every. time. Gorgeous lil Bibby.

    We have sort of the same goals. yay groundwork.

  7. Bobby looks bangin'... and you probably will too after 3100 situps.. girl, that is crazy! Best of luck!

  8. doing no stirrups every ride ... yeah, me neither. Bobby does look freaking awesomely fit, for sure!

  9. Wowza 3100 fair play lady!


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