Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Goal Review

'Tis the season, even if all my goals this year became moot pretty much right off the bat!

1. Stay present while riding at shows. Can't cross this off as we only went to one and one third shows, and the goal was aimed at riding every movement of a dressage test.

2. Focus on year-end awards. Obviously not. We didn't make it to a single dressage show thanks to Fungus Leg.

3. Ride a Third level test. See above, although by the end of the summer I feel like we could have confidently attempted this.

4. Attend at least one horse trial. I saved pennies, did bitch work, renewed my USEA membership, and we completed the dressage only to have the cross country cancelled due to flooding and opting to stay home for the stadium since the footing was just as bad.

5. Stay quiet on approach to the jump. Nailed this one. I learned to just sit quiet, let the canter do the work, and let the jump come to me. I'm so thankful I got this out of the way as it's made me so much more quiet and confident as I start teaching Opie about jumping.

bobby never failed to drop weight in the hottest part of the year.

Lamest, most boring post ever I know. Had to do it for posterity. Now to think up some achievable goals for The Snoot!


  1. I think that you forgot the most important goal: made sure that Bobby was cared for and looked after, leaving no stone unturned and making sure that he did not suffer and had a peaceful crossing. That is so admirable that I can't even find words for it (well except for those words above but they seem lame).

  2. Teresa, you took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard...?). You never let Bobby down, right to the end, and did right by him. I know that is always your goal, the goal of a true horsewoman. <3

  3. The showing goals might have gone out the window, but you accomplished an awful lot this year. Congrats on making it through, and here's to a more positive 2018 with Opie!

  4. Horses do nothing quite so well as how they ask us to constantly change and adapt our expectations and plans.

  5. I did the same thing too, its good to wipe the slate clean and put things to rest officially to clear the way for the new.


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