Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I kinda think I like it

I originally had grand ideas of giving Bobby today off after his long workout yesterday. Then I thought about it, went outside and felt the sunny 70*, and told myself, "Self, who are you kidding? You think you're going to be doing anything productive for the next four days? Go ride your horse. Watch other people ride their horses for the rest of the week." That Self. She sure knows what's up.

I tacked up a surprisingly chipper Robert and we went back up to the outdoor where I found, both to my dismay and delight, that it had just been dragged. It really needed it and it looked really good, but my lazy ass had to set the jumps back up. I threw Bobby out on grass, reset the jumps in their same boring pattern as yesterday, and caught him again. He was having a pissy fit about invisible bugs and he clocked me so hard on the head with his own giant noggin that I whacked him a good one in the chest. I reached up to finish buckling his bridle and he went flying backwards with his head in the air like, "OMG, YOU BEAT ME! YOU BEAT ME SO HARD!" I let him hit the end of the reins and glared him down until he caved and walked back over. "No? Not falling for it? Ok, let's be friends again."

We did a long warm up on the flat to make up for no dressage rides this week. Leg yields, trot lengthenings (they're on the brink of being legit!), canter lengthenings, counter canter, yada yada. I let him take a breather when Sarah came into the arena so that I could have a laugh at her expense again and then we got to jumping. I'd knocked everything up to a whopping 2'6" with the intention of having everything at least at 3' by our show next weekend.

Jumps we jumped:

No complaints. He did chip in bad to the green jump when I brought him to it alone off the rail and it took him by surprise, and he rubbed the rail on one of the jumps in the two stride hard enough to tip over the 3-legged standard, but overall he was chill and relaxed. I'm actually having fun jumping my horse, you guys! YAY!

I micromanage everything about my life, including riding, so badly that it's hard for me to just sit there and let someone else do the work, but that's really what Bobby needs. He also needs a heavy ass half halt on occasion when he gets the zoomies after a jump, but that's besides the point. We've got the rudimentary shit sorted out now I think. Now I have to remind myself to ask for the right leads over the jumps so I don't have to bother with flying changes (although he's rocking the shit out of those lately as well), and to work on keeping my heel down over jumps. I can feel it creeping up as we go over. I can't, however, feel my leg swinging wildly in the breeze so that's a small win.

I rode in the arena for about forty five minutes and decided to cap it off by a quick trail ride.

We trotted out to the galloping hill, ran up that, and at Sarah's request did a set of conditioning work so she could see where I went for each gait so she didn't have to have a watch to time it. Two minute trot up and downhill, one minute canter uphill and on the flat, one minute walk on the flat. Walked the rest of the way home miles ahead of Memphis. Bobby let him get ahead when we trotted and even for a few seconds while we cantered, but he was not going to let the Dutch Hippo beat him home. Poor Memph.

Bobby was lathered when we were done since his internal temperature seems to run about five thousand degrees hotter than other horses (he seriously breaks into a heavy sweat when he farts too hard). He got a bath and hung out in the sun while I scrubbed my now-white tack clean.

"i would like the cookies now."
Lastly, Bobby would like to send an overseas salute to fellow OTTB Archie:

"hey, dude. let's derp together."


  1. I got all, "Aww.. a shout out!... but we're not overseas..." And then I got my mind blown that there are two Archies in the world, like I thought we were special or something. :)

    1. there's this archie, too!:

      your archie is too classy of a dude to make such retarded fucking faces all the time.

    2. Brain splode. Another bay Archie!

      I WANT TO COLLECT THEM ALL! And then put them in a pasture together and when people ask about them, get the mad pleasure of introducing every horse as "Archie."

      "Yeah, that's Archie. He's off the track."
      "Yeah, that's Archie. He's off the track, too."
      *coy look* "Oh, him? Yeah, that's Archie."

      And I love that you think my boogerface pony is classy. :)

  2. When the weather is nice, you just gotta ride. =)

  3. Having fun while jumping is always a good combo. Glad you guys have reached that place. Also, Bobby impresses me with his ear flexibility. Mad skillz.

  4. Oooo a shout out for MY Archie? Woo!
    Seriously. What is with our derpie horses. I can't even....

  5. Lol... Oh Bobby. Glad you had fun!

  6. That last picture is great. I love those days you say, "Day off for the pony" .. Then walk outside. Day off my ass.


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