Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey, I put some news shoes on.

....And suddenly everything is right. Name that song!

Bobby had Monday and Tuesday off. Wednesday I pulled into the barn and found New Farrier there. Woo hoo! I walked and and greeted him with, "Are you ready to kill me yet?" He answered with, "Ha. Ha. Ha. That was a fake laugh, by the way." Ok, that's not what he really said, but that was the gist of it. I gave Bobby a beastly grooming (Naked Horse loves being outside) while Spyder got done and then talked to NF about what the fuck to do about Bobby's amazing propensity to lose shoes.

He decided to square of the toes of the shoes and set them back because he's finally "okay" with how Bobby's hinds look. Hopefully that will keep him from grabbing the fronts off. Dreamer had wrenched a shoe while locked down in her run for the night, and BM was trying to figure out how she did it as she doesn't have hind shoes or enough space to pick up enough speed to hit herself so hard. NF was like, "It's not the eighth wonder of the world. Bobby does that shit every day." Poor Robert.

With new shoes, I threw on dressage tack and went up to the outdoor where we walked for five minutes and  headed down to the indoor. The footing was too wet and deep to work on. Bummer because it was really nice outside. Bobby has recently discovered how much easier leg yielding is when you lead with your shoulder and just let your bum trail behind, so I grabbed a dressage whip and went to work on getting the hind legs to step over.

He caught on right away, but having the whip in my hand was fucking with his delicate psyche and he kept trying to break into the trot every few steps. When we did move on to the trot, he was ignoring my half halts which caused me to get heavy with my hands which then made him go behind the vertical. That was almost a good thing though as every time he did it I remembered to loosen my fingers and soften. After we got some leg yields in the trot, I ditched the whip and ran through Training A.

He was fine until he had to go across the diagnol in canter and he anticipated a flying change. When I asked him for the trot at X, he flew sideways and went up and down. So I calmed him back down, regrouped, and tried again. Much better. Then he had to do the final 15m canter circle and he went flying sideways and went up and down again so fast I lost a stirrup and almost went flying off his side. Really, dude? What's the deal? I sent him back out to the rail and asked him to go at the canter. He did half a dozen laps, I brought him back to a normal canter, asked for the circle, and had no issues. Whatevs, Bobby.

what ponies get to do while i set jumps.
Today I had planned on doing a simple grid: 4 poles 18' apart to eventually be set to small verticals. By the time I got done setting jumps though, I had lost all my motivation. Not even the arrival of my partner in crime (who came bearing new bell boots for Bobby-hallelujah!) brought any excitement.

Got on, warmed up w/t/c, trotted through the poles, and cantered through the poles. Bobby stuttered through at the canter so I asked Sarah to take Memphis through so I could see if it was just my horse being stupid or the jumps were causing the issue. Definitely the jumps. This is why I fucking hate grids. I hate them. Even measuring with a wheel, using a grid from a pro, I can't get them right. I adjusted the two poles causing issues and cantered through once more with okay results. Jumped the tires, jumped the coop, and then parked it in the middle of the ring while Sarah jumped a bit.

After twenty minutes in the ring, we were like, "Fuck it. Let's go on a trail ride." Bobby was super good with Memphis. He let Memph lead up the trail to our galloping hill without going sideways or jigging. Once we got to our hill, I just leaned forward and he jumped into a flat out run. He finally turned his Thoroughbred on! Memphis was waaaay behind us. Now if he can turn his Thoroughbred on while going xcountry, we'll be set.

Bobby led the rest of the way at the walk and as we got closer to where I turn him around to canter during out conditioning sets, he kept glancing back at Memphis to make sure he wasn't going to turn around and take off. He had such a dirty look on his face. Like, "I'm winning this walk race, Memphis, but you better not  try to pull a fast one and get a head start on our running race." Turned the boys around, let them loose, and put massive distance between Memphis again. Where was the go button all these years, pony pants?!

I let him have a long canter out to pull him up, brought him back to the walk, and right away his breathing was back to normal. Boss hoss. I'm glad we're getting fitter.

flash on because it looked cute. so there.
I'll try to get to the barn tomorrow, but I have a long To Do list that involves beating down postal workers to try to find my mail. Three weeks and we still haven't gotten anything but magazines forwarded. Awesome, post office. Let's fight.


  1. My horse also pulls shoes like crazy, so I feel your pain :(

  2. Bobby looks adorable in the last pic. Long eyelashes...oooh la la!

  3. I can't tell you how many days I've ridden for 20 minutes before I was like 'eff it let's go trail ride.'

  4. New Shoes - Paolo Nutini! LOVE THAT SONG :)

  5. Bobby wants to be wrapped in bubble wrap!

    And yes the last pic is SO cute!

  6. Love the last pic - how cute is the Bobster?!!
    Happy mail hunting!


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