Friday, April 3, 2015

Costume Creations: Easter Lamb

Sweet baby Jesus, this costume took for-ev-er. It looked so simple when I was browsing pictures online. And it is simple. It just takes for-ev-er to do.

I started with a twin sized fitted bed sheet from Walmart. I didn't really care if it was long enough to cover Bobby's entire body, and it was cheaper than buying a yard or two of real fabric. I ripped the elastic border out except for around his face, and then cut out eye and ear holes so I would know where not to put the cotton once I got to gluing.

the draping stage.

I bought one bag of cotton stuffing, even though I went back and forth a few times if I should get a second while I was there. I finally decided that if I needed more, I could always go back for it. I also picked up a $3 mini hot glue gun and a 30 pack of glue sticks. While Hubby and I were at Michael's a few weeks ago, they had fake flower chains on sale, so I snagged a pretty one of those, too.

before a much needed face fluff trimming

From there, it was just a matter of gluing the cotton down on the sheet. If you're stupid enough to want to do this costume for your own horse, here's a gluing tip: only lay a few stripes of glue down at once before pressing the cotton onto it. That glue dries really quickly, and you'll just have to go over it all over again if you try to do large sections at once.

much better.

The cotton pulled apart really easily while still retaining its volume, so I ended up only using three quarters of the bag. I did, however, have to go back for a second bag of glue sticks. I ended up using about forty over all.

I got as much of the face area done at home as I could, but because of the elastic, it was hard for me to hold it flat and lay the cotton down like I wanted to. I ended up having to finish gluing that part on at the barn while it was on my horse.

I glued the seams together to cover his chest and under his head, and then carefully escorted him outside with my BM along to bribe him to put his ears up.

And also to laugh at him.

We got a good five minutes of him patiently posing before he got a face itch and rubbed it out on his leg. That was the end of any containment of the cotton.

going in for the itch.

the result.

I don't even know how BM and I were still breathing at that point we were laughing so hard. Bobby continued to stand there unperturbed with fluffy pieces of cotton blocking his eyesight until we could get control of ourselves. The struggle was real.

"hai guys. why are you on the ground?"
because we're dying bobby. we're literally dying.

Once we were done, I rolled everything up and was contemplating whether or not to just chuck it, or bring it home, stuff it in my trunk, and chuck it at some point in the future. Fortunately, one of the barn kids walked in and asked what I was going to do with it. She is a girl after my own pink-loving, horses should be in tiaras at all times heart, so I said, "It's all yours, S. Use it well."

She was seriously thrilled, so I hope to see her grey pony being tortured sometime soon, and I'm glad all that fucking time I spent gluing isn't going to go to complete waste.


  1. This is perfection. Bobby is such a tolerant pony haha.

  2. HAHAHA this is awesome! love it so much!

  3. Not going to lie. I think I find this funnier than the drag queen costume.

    ... that feels like sacrilege.

  4. OMG - beyond hysterical!!! Bobby is a good sport and you are awesome!

  5. This is the greatest thing I've ever laid my eyes on.
    Totally brill.

  6. I think this is my favorite custume so far.

  7. It is hard to put into words the utter enjoyment this gives me...

  8. hahaha this is epic. And if you're still wondering why Bobby is being a turd...I think he is trying his best at revenge. lol

  9. I think this is the cutest one yet!

  10. Can I just say, I've a long somewhat exhausting week and these pictures just totally turned it around? OMG Bobby is so fucking awesome!! And that costume!! I just can't even.

    It's amazeballs.

  11. Hilarious!!! No idea how you are going to top this one... Bobby is a saint and you are very talented with your 40 glue sticks!!

  12. This makes me so happy. I probably would have peed myself laughing.

  13. I just died. This was awesome - you have a very tolerant pony! ;)

  14. Simply fabulous.

  15. There are no words to describe this awesomeness. You win.

  16. I am dying. I want this. I want itttttt!!!

  17. YESSSSS hahaha this is pretty much everything - bobby looks fantastic!

  18. This is absolutely mind-blowingly hilarious. Thank you Bobby for not giving a flying f and you Carly for doing this.

  19. Oh my gosh. This is the best thing I've seen in months.


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