Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh, my aching hips.

Or so says Robert. Poor dude needs a visit from his favorite chiro, but I'm honestly scratching my head on how I'm going to pay for his farrier visit tomorrow after the hefty bill I just paid on my car. In the meantime, I'm going to do what I can massage-wise and hope I can help him get a little more comfortable.

"i'm adorbale."

I went out to the barn last night for a ride after picking up my car and rode in the indoor with two kids taking a lesson since the outdoor was (and still is) underwater. For Robert's first dressage school in two weeks, he was pretty good. He was a little fresh, but he was listening to my corrections.

His canter to the left was just awful. He was cross cantering a bit in the outdoor Sunday, but he does that off and on out there anyway. Yesterday showed me that his hips are definitely out and he's struggling to the left. His left is his bad side anyway so any little problem doubles when he has to go that direction.

We ended cooling out with a stretchy trot where he took a few funky steps. I gave him a thorough once-over when he got back to his stall and found his RF shoe to be a little loose. Farrier will be out tomorrow, so no bigs.

looking like a beef cake under saddle.

Today was another dressage school. Lots of walking to warm up which he was downright fabulous at. We moved on to the trot with no problems to the right, but again the stiffness and fussiness to the left. I couldn't get upset with him since I know he's not comfortable, but I did insist he go more correctly than head in the air crooked drama llama.

He was especially being a tool about dropping his head and relaxing his neck....until I loosened my hands and let him have a bit more rein. He instantly dropped his head and carried on like it was NBD. How's that for an obvious, "Get off my face and stop yanking on my mouth, you stupid wench!" Fortunately for my poor mulie, I'm a quick learner when problems are so easily resolved. Resistance? Soften the hand. Bobby was much happier after we got that sorted out.

We worked hard on walk-halt transistions off my seat alone--reins tied and dropped and hands on my hips. Bobby was in lala land the first several laps, but once I got one halt (probably by accident), he was trying to figure out the new game and he caught on really quickly. He may look like a dope, but he's a rather smart pony face.

We did a good bit of canter work to the right and some to the left. Nothing too exciting to report there. Rusty after time off, but quickly sorted out to respectable. After a full hour's work in muggy 80*, Bobby was sweaty.

hard work.

foamy lips.
I gave him a serious scrubbing bath as he's been looking a little dull and grungy without regular currying. He pretended like he was annoyed, but Robert loves his attention and all the extra cookies were worth the suds.

so embarrassing.
I have to get back in the groove and figure out a plan on what I want to do for the next month. I've crossed Plantation off the list for the last event of the season, but I'd still like to go to Burgundy. Buuut....farrier, chiro, gas, yada yada.....all expensive things and October's already going to be a tight month especially with this stupid car breakdown. So I'm going to have to sit down and figure some things out.


  1. He is looking quite beefy and handsome!

  2. Car breakdowns do get in the way. I feel like I'm way too friendly with the mechanic, but what do you do? New cars are even more expensive.

    Bobby looks great! He's put on so much weight and his coat is lovely. Things to be proud of. :)

  3. He looks great! No skinny OTTB there! ps. your papercut is nearly finished... do you want me to use any particular color for the background (competition colors, etc) or just do what I think looks good?

    1. Just use what you think looks good. I think blue and gold would look kind of tacky with his orange-ness, just like in real life lol.

  4. Totally agree that he is looking awesome!!! :)

  5. I feel ya on the car thing; remember that one time I was like "oo look at all this money I have for Jingle related things like blankets and massage and just fun things that make him happy" - WAHBAM, 1500 in truck repairs. Life, I tell ya...

    Bobby is so cute though; he just has the best face, and your captions always make me laugh.

  6. I hate bills. Laz just got adjusted and I literally heard the POP in his back..holy hell. He cross canters and has a super hard time picking up a right lead. Bobby is looking so good! Good luck with budgeting! If you find a way to do it, share! :) xo


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