Friday, October 26, 2012

Ride Times and Show Goals

You know you're in for a dreary event when there's a footnote on your ride times saying, "Rain Gear may be worn for all phases if necessary." Yep. In the low fifties and sixty percent chance of rain. So long, warm weather. Hello, crazy horsies and Slip Sliding Magee. Definitely going into this one prepared to retire on course. Bobby is not a fan of wet going and Novice is the last division on course. Hopefully that won't happen, but I'm not going to let myself get carried away and force the pony to finish if he's not feeling it.

Ride Times:

Dressage 1:48
Stadium 3:06
XCountry 3:21

Am I the only one that hates late start times? Ughhhh, entire day down the showing drain. We won't be home until midnight! (Okay, probably more like six, but still!)


Dressage: Go for broke on forward. Stay as straight as possible down the centerline and across diagnols.

Stadium: Not come out of the ring pissed at myself for my riding.

XCountry: Don't leave the start box feeling like I'm going to die. Do not die. That is all I ask for.

This is going to be an enormous turnout for such a little show. Hopefully they have trailer parking figured out because this time last year we barely squeezed in.

Kind of excited to see Holly Payne ride in person though. And Tik Maynard, but I see him like all the time at shows.

Hahaha, ok, fake Area II snobbery over. I apologize.

Not so excited to see that I'm riding in the same division as a horse that went Advanced this February. Mmm Hmm. Feeling a little outclassed already.

cheval z will probably be ok at novice...
since it's a full foot shorter than he's used to.
And for the record, yesterday's jump was indeed only 3'. I measured. Things look enormous when your standards are only 4'.


  1. Good luck this weekend!! Fingers crossed the rain holds off for you. :)

  2. Have an awesome weekend and rock it!

  3. Good luck! I'm sending good weather vibes your way!!


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