Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall is here!

It's downright blustery outside. Cold and super windy, and we're supposed to get our first frost tonight. Sounds like perfect excuse to make the first pumpkin pie of the year tonight, right? Mmm, pie....

I attempted to set up my camera for a self video session yesterday, but it was at such an awkward angle all you could see was this wraith-like creature in the background for a second every now and then. So that was a fail. I was able to tell that my hands were bouncing around quite a bit, so that might explain why Bobby wasn't quite as consistent in his awesomeness as he was the day before. I also didn't have him going quite as forward because I forgot to bring my whip down and I could only bring myself to pony club kick his sides so much before settling for a little less.

There was an X to 2' vertical four stride line and a single big X set up, so we finished by practicing over those. Bobby was good for the single X, but doing the line with the X first he seemed totally oblivious to the fact that there was a jump there and alternated between tripping over it and launching over it once he was practically on top of it. He was better once I made him trot to it, and he did get the four strides easily every time. He rushed to the X coming in from the other way, but that was more from me letting him get strung out. Once I did a half halt as soon as he landed from the vertical, he was fine.

He was a fruity fruit bat walking back up to the barn though. No spooking, but lots of snorting and sideways looks at all the potential monsters skattered around--even if they had been there all year. Cold weather and blowing wind make baby horsies go a little cray cray.

Today we went up to the outdoor because the indoor had been watered but not dragged so it was a swamp. BO looked like she was about to punch a ho (or a dude) in the face when I told her because I guess the hired guy in charge of such things has been a bit of a tool lately. Oh, well. The outdoor had been dragged that morning so aside from freezing my bum off, it was really nice footing.

We started off on a pretty solid note. Nothing brilliant, but working through the whole self carriage thing still. More new muscles to work on, so I'm not holding it against him if he isn't totally consistent right now. He did start to get pretty tired towards the end, and with that came a bit of pissiness, so I made him work just a bit more to finish on a good note and on my word. It had to be to the left, too (the onset of a temper tantrum, that is) which made the whole thing all the harder.

I made him do a bunch of w-t transitions until he was holding contact stepping into the trot instead of throwing his head. Once he got that, we went around until he softened for one whole lap. It was a process of teeth gritting on both our parts, but he did do it pretty durned well at the end so it was a good quitting spot.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get some really productive rides from here until the 28th. I want a balling dressage test at a show for once. I also want to not look like an ass jumping so I think tomorrow will be a straight jump school. Depends on the weather.


  1. Nothing like cool weather for prancing horses. Cuna even had a spook yesterday! For reals! Your rides are sounding better and better. ;) Save some for the show ring.

  2. Girl I feel ya with the cold weather! It was 100 last week and freezing this week and is supposed to be in the 8-'s next week!!

    I am sure that you will have some great rides and pull an awesome ride/score in the show!

  3. We had our first rain in forever yesterday and Dickie was suddenly afraid of a hay bale. Really doofus? You run over me because lunch is scary? It sounds like you and Robert are really making progress on the dressage front. I'm lookin forward to hearing how the next show goes.


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