Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Jumping

I had one of those days yesterday where the only way to describe it is, "Today is one of those days." I got to the barn pretty early to clip Bobby. I'd borrowed a pair of clippers from one of Hubby's friends who assured me they were good to go. Well, the blades were so dull they couldn't even make a dent in Bobby's not-so-long fuzz. I....er, borrowed BO's clipper blades instead (I'll pay to get them sharpened this spring, I swear!) and went to work. Bobby was being a pissapotamus the entire time because his lady friends were in sight and he'd just gotten an extra flake of delish hay in his stall. Suck it up, dude.

bobby's gf plays in the water with her bff.
I managed to get about 98% of him done before I couldn't put up with the "Don't touch me there!" attitude and called it quits for the day.

being a pissy princess while i cleaned up.
I didn't feel like riding, so I took Sir Robert down to the indoor for his first free jump session. Apparently this is Bobby's new favorite game. I led him through at a walk the first time, then sent him through with the whip the next few times, and after that all I had to do was stand there as he took himself around again and again. Once he got bored, he stopped on his own and I changed the jumps before sending him off and he cruised around again. Rinse and repeat. We stopped with the final jump at 3'3 because that's as high as the wall standard went. Plus, even with his new haircut, he was still pretty sweaty.

He's cute with his knees, but he's so.... awkward? Big? He's built like a limo which doesn't really lend itself to a one stride. At least he enjoyed himself.


  1. He looks like a well oiled machine doing that! :)

  2. He jumped better the higher the jumps got. I bet an oxer and/or some fill and he'd look downright fancy. You should be set for the show! They do both of those things.

  3. Agreed with SprinklerBandit. He looks GREAT over those higher fences!


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