Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ride times!

Ride times for Burgundy Hollow are up, and let me just say that I seriously always get THE BEST ride times.

Dressage: 11:06
Stadium: 12:57
Cross Country: 1:12

BH is only two hours away, so we'll be able to cruise out of the barn at 7-7:30 and hopefully be home by five at the latest. All but two people are doing Test B, so at least we won't be going up against people doing the way easier test. I think I'm going to see a lot of them at Bucks the next weekend.

Red was a hot mess yesterday. He was tense, spooky, uncooperative, and straight up nutty.

He was okay with the three others horses in the ring--tense, and not giving me great work, but relatively focused. Then those horses left and all hell broke loose. Red is usually totally fine by himself, on the trails and especially in the arena. But yesterday it was really chilly, the sun was out for the first time in weeks, and all the dead leaves were sliding down the metal roof in a very spooky way. Plus, every time we passed the gate, his head went into my face and he had a snorty prance past it.

I finally gave up and put him on the longe in side reins to try and get his brain back in working order. It took awhile, but he finally settled into his work (trot and a little canter). I got back on him to try to canter and he went right back to nutso Thoroughbred. After five minutes of him leaping into a canter whenever I so much as shifted my leg when all I wanted was a trot, I put him back on the longe and just let him canter his crazies out.

I cooled him out at a hand walk around the barn, then let him graze. Unfortunately, the walnut tree was shedding and dropping walnuts on the barn roof which caused Red to go from the bottom of the grassy knoll to the top in about point two seconds multiple times. I gave up on that pretty quickly since he was too busy giving the tree snorty white eyes to graze.

I hate whe, he remembers he was a racehorse.

Usually, as I wrote before, I don't ride the day before a show. But today I'm going to put the draw reins on him and do some loooong trot work with him.

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