Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Company

I rode with fellow boarder Sarah today. She has two horses: a fat, black Quarter Horse that she used to do low level (Elementary) eventing with, but now leases out. However, I have renewed her interest in it and she's super excited to try it again with Blackberry! She also owns a big, fancy Thoroughbred named Memphis who used to be a 4' jumper but is struggling with suspensorary issues so he only flats now.

We went up to the outdoor to jump, her on Blackberry and me on Red.We kept the 3' vertical, the 2'3" picket fence, and the big xrail. We stacked the tires up another level, laid a single barrel on its side between two cones, and half dragged half pushed the five hundred pound coop out of the corner into a jumpable spot.

I switched Red to the slow twist snaffle to see how he would jump in it. He went well; he wasn't fussy at all and he was very well behaved. I think I'll use it this weekend.

We went over the picket fence, the vertical, and the tires fine. He trotted over the coop, but he didn't feel it was wise to canter over it. He threw an absolute pissy fit when I asked him to go over the barrel. Blackberry, who rarely jumps, showed us up and trotted right over it. Red then decided it was not horse-eating and cantered over it like there was no issue.

sarah and blackberry- i swear this wasn't as awkward as it looks.
BO told me to get on Spyder if I had the time and because I have no life, I did.

eating leaves. because he is intelligent.

Spyder is a 17hh young OTTB. He is as green as grass and not particularly clever. However, he has a lovely trot and he's very willing to work with you--as long as the question isn't too hard to figure out. I longed him at the w/t a little before getting on, did w/t/c on him, then finished off longing him five minutes each way with the side reins on the last hole. He was fairly certain he wouldn't be able to move with them on, but once he got trotting and realized they didn't have nefarious intentions, he went well in them. He's not totally sure what a straight line is, has no idea how to back up, and thinks circling should be done at mach speed, but he's cute and I think with more miles under him he'll be a good pony.

"you couldn't possibly be referring to me!"

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