Monday, October 31, 2011

Running on borrowed time.

We have no power. We haven't had power since Saturday morning. Instead, we have six inches of snow. I've got the ole genny running to power the fridge and electric space heater for awhile. Maybe I'll stop being able to see my breath soon. Fingers crossed.

I don't have much to report as I've been living under blankets like a blonde, frozen troll except for the few times I sneak out to exercise the dogs and get my blood unfrozen for a few hours. I have some pictures of Red Pony from early Saturday when we ran up to the barn on our way to lunch since we have an electric everything, rendering our full cupboards useless. His BFF Spyder was in for a lesson so he was standing in the run-in shed by his lonesome until we came up the hill, at which point he came galloping out expecting us to save him. Instead, we fed him some cookies and left him up there as he was due to come in in an hour anyway. However, when we went to leave, BM said we could bring his sorry princess self in if we wanted to. Red was pumped.

"I will take your cookies and then you can bring me in."

"No more cookies!! I want to go inside!"

"See how terrible this is??"

"Look, I'll even show you where the gate is."

"But...but...where are you going?"

"Here's another gate you can bring me in from! I'm not picky!"

Such a princess.


  1. Snow already? How awful. It's 60 and sunny here. Glad you were able to save the poor abandoned horse you found. His plight was shocking, to say the least.

  2. Ok I'm spazzing and can't focus on anything else now. I'm reading your blog from the beginning because its really enjoyable, but did you not go to the event? Last you said about it was that you had gotten your times and they were early and sucked. Ahh! I want to know even though its way long ago

    1. The event was cancelled that night because of all the snow they were getting down there.

    2. Ooh ok. Thanks. The suspense was killing me!


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