Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New teeth!

Red got his teeth mostly floated this morning. I say mostly because the vet originally said he wouldn't need a power float--which is good, because I hate power tools of any kind--but when she got down to business the hooks in the veery back were too much for her to rasp all the way down without clonking him in the jaw. Red is a dope when it comes to vet work and will let you poke and prod him 'til the cows come home, but apparently even he was losing his patience by the end. So he will get just those two hooks done under the next paycheck in two weeks. The vet said she'd only charge me for a partial float since everything else was done. She also said he'd be a new horse once he was finished off and he'd start collecting in a heartbeat because he felt so much better. I hope so. I'm not counting on it though.

And to keep with the spirit of this blog--the spirit that is me being broke as a joke--the vet was like, "So, do you work? Or go to school? What do you do?" Which I hate. From everyone. Because what do you say? No, I don't go to school. I'm a college graduate with two useless associates degrees. No, I don't work. That must mean I do absolutely nothing and am therefore either a) on welfare or should be, or b) milking my poor, innocent boyfriend for all he's worth. (Well. There may be some truth to b. Hahaha, juuust kidding!) She  literally said, "You must be a kept woman!" Really? I find that to be incredibly rude. Am I the only person in existence that owns a horse and doesn't work or isn't totally loaded? I'm obviously the only one in Central Pennsylvania!


I rode Spyder Pants in lieu of Red (who was happy to go be stoner pony in his paddock as his tranq wore off and stuff his face with the lovely second cut the barn just got in). He definitely anticipated cantering as soon as we started trotting to the left, but I didn't canter at all today. Instead, we got used as the teaching dummy for BO's lesson where one woman was on her green baby and one girl who is very green was on Sarah's very broke Blackberry. The two riders and Spyder learned the art of the half-halt. Mr Smarty Pants caught on very quickly and I was able to bring him down to a walk from the trot just through a half-halt after working with him for about fifteen minutes. I don't know how he'll do jumping, but he's definitely going to make a fancy dressage horse.


  1. aww...do you think she was just trying to make conversation? She was probably just curious, I would be too. More like jealous...I would love to be able to not be working and still have horses!

  2. hmm, maybe. i'd certainly prefer to think that. the whole conversation was just strange. she just seemed totally taken aback that i wasn't "doing anything". i think she also might have been concerned about the check i gave her lol. she obviously doesn't know that ponies come before anything else...like food for people!

  3. I'm in a similar situation--I have a college degree, but I'm not using it and only work part time. I generally just tell people I'm a mooch on society. They laugh, but then don't generally ask more. Sometimes they assume that my husband drags in the big bucks and that I'm somehow coasting off of him, which would be lovely, but is completely untrue.


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