Thursday, October 20, 2011

I wish I had a cow.

What is it about horse vets that make them charge twice as much as any other vet for any other animal? If Red was a cow, what gone done today would have been $75. Of course, if Red was a cow, he would probably be dumped in the back forty by now. But Red is not a cow (at least not literally) so after a 105 degree fever this morning, I dished out $250 for a pile of medicine and the prognosis of "He'll be fine tomorrow."

barn kitty supervising red's grazing.

The real prognosis is anaplasmosis--a tick born pain in the ass. He'll be on Doxy for ten days and if his fever goes back up, he gets 2g of bute twice a day until it's kicked out the back door. But Vet said the fever usually runs its course after 48 hours max so hopefully by tomorrow he'll be golden.

his legs were hot and slightly stocked up when i got there.

By the time Vet got to the barn, two hours later than she said she was going to as vets are wont to do, Red's fever had dropped from 105 to 99.6 after 10ccs of banamine again. She had me jog him as BM said he was a little wobbly coming out of his stall this morning and he was pretty lethargic when I got there. However, now that the fever was gone, Red wanted nothing to do with any of us and threw a temper tantrum until I put him in his paddock where he promptly bit his BFF Spyder in the rump and herded him out to the grass to graze. Back to normal.

waiting patiently in the wash stall, still feeling crappy.

I asked Vet if she thought I should cancel the xcountry schooling Sunday, and she said absolutely not if he doesn't have a fever tomorrow. So we'll see how he feels, but we're still on at this point. We'll just take it nice and easy.

bm's dog burton seeing if i'll play with him.

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  1. Of course. If only there was a way to fake them into thinking the vet was coming when he actually wasn't. Then they're magically heal and it would be free. ;-)


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