Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ok, Dover. Get it in gear!

I sent the cob Micklem bridle back last Monday priority mail, guaranteed to arrive by Wednesday. This Monday rolls around and I haven't gotten so much as an email from Dover that they've recieved the bridle. So I email them. At 9am. This morning--Tuesday--I finally get an email back from them at around 10:30am saying that the bridle has "just come into our warehouse and will be processed soon." Really?! A week later you're just now getting around to taking a look at it? Thanks. It's not like I needed it or anything. It's not like it's a $200 order or anything. I can go another week or two without it. It's not like I have shows to do or a fussy horse to school. No big deal. Grrr.

I decided to hop on Red yesterday since there are no lessons on Monday and I would have the arena to myself in the evening when Hubby could drive me out there to conserve gas money. I'm glad I did because he was super loose and stretchy. Maybe he needs a good gallop before shows? Hm.

I worked mostly at the trot, doing lots of lengthening and shortening of his stride. He was actually going really well for him by the end. Usually, when we try this exercise, his trot just gets reallysuperfast instead of just getting longer, but I took a little more of a hold of him and he was going much better. His shortened trot was better, too. Instead of just being sloth-like, there was actually a little bit of umph behind it.

I cantered once to the left and once to the right. His right lead depart was ehh and it took us a couple of tries to get it, but I was pretty happy with the canter both ways. I only rode for about thirty minutes before this came in:

A baby donkey! His owner said he wanted him here to be weaned, but turns out he's not even halter broke and doesn't know a thing about leading. So BO wants his un-gelded, braying, kicking, spinnning self out. But he is cute....

I was done anyway, but "Surprise" put an end to any work. Red hates braying animals. When I was boarding him in Illinois, the BO there had a mammoth jack that he kept behind really hot high tensile fence. Red was grazing after a bath on the grass strip outside of the mule's pasture. The mule walked over to say hello and Red stretched out his nose to smell him. His nose touched the electric fence at the exact same time the mule let out a huge bray. Red went ballistic and he now associates braying to getting zapped. So when little tiny baby donkey started braying from being alone as Red and I headed out the gate, Red slammed on the brakes, slammed his ears back against his head, and kicked out like he was going to nunchuch that punk from across the arena. Baby donkey is cute, but Red and I will not miss him.

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