Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Ride

Saturday, Hubby and I went on a trail ride in the afternoon when he got home from work. Of course, I had to get off once to adjust my saddle since it had slid back. Four and a half weeks later after ordering my breastplate, I finally fucking caved in and told Victory Canter to send me a different one. Definitely not using them again. Excuse after fucking excuse, yet still no product.

We went all the way out to the little fallen tree where I took Bobby about a month ago. Bobby cantered over it really strongly, but it wasn't high enough for him to jump. I think it's about the level of the elementary level for starter trials....which is where I want to start him, so it's comforting to know he shouldn't have any problem with that.

Hubby built us a little fence in the middle of the trail using some of the fallen trees. I gave him lots of leg the first time over it, and he jumped it really nicely.

After that, though, I fell into my HORRIBLE habit of not riding him enough. Oh my gosh, it's so frustrating is seriously makes me want to cry. I think it's just that I can't focus enough to make myself give him leg and find his spot for him every single fence. I'll do it once, then the next three times, I won't and he jumps right at the jump, and it's the enormous leap that's no good. I just HAVE to tell myself to do it.

I wrapped Bobby's front legs with linament after the ride as a precaution, and the next morning they were off, completely shredded. I don't think he rips them off because they're uncomfortable, because he's left them on plenty of times before. I think he takes them off when he thinks he doesn't need them. Like, "My legs are fine. I don't need them wrapped." Dick.

Today, we were going to trailer the horses to different gamelands about half an hour away, but it started to pour as soon as we got to the barn. We decided to give it a dry run anyway, and took them on a ten minute cruise. Both ponies got on perfect (such an awesome quality). Red kicked the door right as I was swinging it closed, but it was almost there, so all it did was kickback against my hand a little.

Getting them off the trailer, Bobby backed off like a good boy, but Red went crazy town. He'd put one foot on the ground, the spaz and lunge forward again. He kept trying to turn around, but there wasn't enough room. I finally tied the lead rope around the neck and let him figure it out himself. He finally half turned, half fell out. No injuries, luckily, but he's obviously going to need some work.

Happy Easter!

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