Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still more rain!

We actually got a little bit of a crazy thunderstorm last night. This morning, it wasn't raining too bad, but the wind was still blowing like crazy. I headed out early to get the wraps of Bobby's legs, but I shouldn't have bothered. Both his wraps were outside his stall when I got there and when I shook all the shavings and poop out, they were shredded. Now, I pride myself in being a pretty phenomenal wrapper, so I know they weren't too tight to be uncomfortable, and I know I didn't put them on so loose that the slipped down. Apparently, he didn't think he was hurt enough that he had to wear them. Jerk.

I spent a good five minutes kneeling beside him, running my hand down one leg and then the other, and then both at once. Then I felt his feet, thinking maybe he had an abcess coming or something, but they were cool. His legs, however, felt like they were both hot and it was driving me crazy. I went to Red and felt his legs in comparison and they felt warm too, but Red lets you know when he's ouchy and he could have cared less with me poking and prodding his weak spots. So I decided I'd come back to Bobby in a few minutes; maybe my hands were just cold.

I gave Red a killer curry and got a TON of hair off. That bath really loosened all his winter woolies. His tail was gorgeous after the conditioning yesterday. Red has a killer tail--it hits the floor, but I keep it banged to his fetlocks, and it really thick. I gave him lots of cookies and just generally bothered him for awhile. He's such a good pony.

Gave Bobby a good grooming, too, then made the plunge and felt his legs again. Nothing. They were just fine. I think I'm going crazy. I rubbed some stolen linament on them anyway and left them open, then rubbed his stifles down again. He was grouchy, grouchy, grouchy with his R stifle, but didn't even notice on his left. I might have to order that joint supplement sooner rather than later. I gave him another dose of Conquer since that really seems to help. I'll probably take him out tomorrow for a good and easy canter in the gamelands. I love the footing out there when it rains. It lets the horse kind of cut in, but it doesn't churn all up like the sandy/clay-ey arena.

I washed all my saddle pads today, too. It was waaay overdue. But they all look seriously fabulous now. amd went back to their plump, fluffy selves. Can't wait to throw one on a pony without the rain pouring down.

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