Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Bobby

I turned Red and Bobby out with Pick Off and Knotty first thing. Red and Pick had to have a squeal/striking/"whose balls were bigger before they were cut off?" game. Red won, and later double barreled Pick right in the ass when he came to close behind him when Red was trying to eat his one blade of grass growing in the arena. Bobby wanted nothing to do with any of the ponies, since ponies usually beat the crap out of him and he has no sense of fighting back. They all got good rollies in and some crazy running around.

I picked up all the jumps and poles and put them in one pile. Hopefully BO will get the hint and drag the arena. CL said he has a drag for his ATV (one of his 3), so he seriously has no excuse. I think Fran may finally put Pick down this weekend. She wants to trailer him to her boyfriend's cousin farm to do it so she can bury him there--even though she's neither met the cousin, nor knows where the farm is located. Her boyfriend works on the gas line and was gone all week, and since he's the only one with a truck, she had to wait for him to come back. The hole has doubled in size and is leaking pus and blood nonstop. He's also stopped peeing and is loosing hair, and his flanks have completely caved in. It's kind of cruel at this point for him to still be alive.

I was cruel to Robert today. I used my "side reins" on him to lunge, set much shorter than a greenie should have had them. They weren't making him overflex, and his head wasn't stuck in a frame, but it was really making his ass (or his topline) work like hades. To the left, he was having a hard to keeping his canter with the slope on that end of the arena. He really tips over onto his side at the canter that way and can't hold himself upright, side reins or not. I took him over to the other end to go the right, and he was able to balance alot better. I really worked his ass off at the canter, and by the end he was figuring out how to use his entire body to keep himself balanced. I really have to just make myself lunge him every time before I ride to get him stronger.

I took both ponies out to graze afterward for about ten minutes. It was starting to get cold and windy in a prelude of what's hitting today, which means more rain and another weekend I won't be able to go cross country schooling.

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