Monday, April 25, 2011

Stocked up stallions

85, sunny, and MUGGY out today, and the bugs were out in full force. I have this crazy urge/desire to event Red, too. He's so much more athletic, and strong, and naturally talented than Bobby, but he's also a worrier.

I got to the barn, threw both of them some hay, then got my tack for Red. When I was grooming him, I noticed his RH was HUGE. Usually he stocks up a little in both hinds when he's been in his stall for too long, but this one was monstrous. No heat, no real fluid, and he didn't mind me poking it, so I took him out to the arena to lunge him to see if I noticed anything. Nope. He was just fine, and the swellling went down after he trotted some. So I took him out on a trail ride, and for once he actually didn't put up a fight going out there. However, I kept him trotting out to the gamelands because he seems to do better the faster he goes. I think he brain works overtime when he's going slow--he's got less to focus on, so he can focus on being a worried.

Once out there, I alternated between trotting and a forward walk. He went along on a loose rein without being too "looky", and didn't once try to spin around to go home or take advantage of me--which is an improvement. However, he did neigh like a looney twice at the walk. I let him go for a nice swinging, relaxed canter for a little bit, then did a long walk down a trail we hadn't been down before. He splashed through lots of good sized puddles with zero hesitiation, which is also an enormous improvement because I think that and ditches are going to be his biggest problems to overcome cross-country.

I cut the ride shorter than I originally planned because it was so muggy and buggy and we were both hot. I let him go at a good clip halfway back, then walked the rest of the way so he was pretty much cool by the time I got back to the barn. I hosed him off, walked him some, then gave him a bath and took him out to graze.

I went to go groom Bobby and lunge him a little, and the first thing I noticed was that both his hind legs were enormous!! I've never seen him stocked up before, and I have no idea why they both did so today. So I took him out to just chase him around the arena, but he just stood there. I jumped on him bareback and bridleless (which sounds more badass than it it since I think a three year old could, too) and walked him around for about ten minutes. He just doped along down the rail with no problems, so I asked him to pick up his western pleasure jog and he went around twice. I then decided to ask him to stop....and he kept on trotting. "Waaaaalk, Bobby! Waaaaalk!" Nope. So, since he was poking along so slowly, I started to swing my leg off to jump down and he stopped and looked back at me when I landed like, "If you wanted to get off, all you had to do was tell me to stop." His legs did go back to normal though.

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